The Pull List: 1/6/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange #4

Strange assembles a magic UN (Scarlet Witch, Shaman, and Doctor Voodoo) to discuss the crazy crap that Strange has been seeing lately.


Joe Golem Occult Detective #3

This has been one of the more surprisingly cool books, but these premises have always been some of my favorite. Nothing like a stubborn noir figure battling monsters.


Sheriff of Babylon #2

The first issue of this series was amazingly good. Written by an actual former CIA counter-terrorism operative, a lone American operative, the only one who seemingly cares, is trying to get a dead body back to his family.

Spider-Man, Deadpool

Spider-Man Deadpool #1

Marvel’s two biggest mouths are teaming up in a new on-going series.