The Pull List: 2/3/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the year


Deadpool and Mercs for Money #1

Deadpool’s Heroes for Hire eventually devolved into Mercs for Money with a cool cast of forgotten Marvel soldiers for hire like Terror, Solo, and Foolkiller.


Giant Days #11

Giant days gets bumped up to on-going series! Wait? It wasn’t an on-going series. No offence but it wasn’t exactly working toward something. It felt more like a contemporary Archie than something with an overall arc.

Iron Man

Invincible Iron Man #6

Enter War Machines. As in more than one.


Kennel Block Blues #1

A family dog is arrested and sent to death row in prison…I mean, kennel. He needs help breaking out, and he’s going to use his….imagination? What the hell is going on?


Klaus #3

Last issue, Klaus moved in the shadows. This time he is taking on the whole royal guard.


Nailbiter #20

A big change is coming. Someone isn’t making it out of this issue alive. Not just some random stranger either. A main character!


Paper Girls #5

The first arc comes to a conclusion, and if it has anything to do with the previous issues, than shit is about to get even weirder.


Spider-Man #1

Miles Morales has already made his 616 debut, but the debut of his solo title is still pretty buzz-worthy.