The Pull List: 3/16/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


3 Devils #1

This supernatural western sees 3 outcasts (a Gypsy orphan, an ex-slave with no soul, and a carnival “wolf-boy”) hunting down the evil entities that made them the way they are. 


Ghostbusters Deviations (One Shot)

What if the Ghostbusters didn’t cross the streams and save New York?



Lucifer #4

This supernatural noir is getting better and better. Fallen angels Lucifer and Gabriel are on their way to The Dreaming. 


Power Man and Iron Fist #2

I wasn’t confident about this title, but it is definitely selling worth it. The banter is as good as anything in comics, and they are using the roots of their history, specifically their old friend Jennie. 


Turncoat #1

There’s a lot going on in this series. Alien invaders. Enslavement of the human race. The emancipation of the humn race. Human-alien hybrids. A Resistance fighter turned reluctant private eye.