Top 10 Star Trek Villains

Space may be the final frontier but it is not without its threats. As long as we have been watching Starfleet send out the USS Enterprise as well as the other ships in their armada, the various captains and crews have had their mettle tested by a variety of villains throughout the far reaches of the universe. So now is the time to bust open some Romulan Ale, assimilate your friends and read to see my picks for the Top 10 Star Trek Villains.


10. Gorn: Thanks to the internet even people who have never seen an episode of Star Trek or know the difference between a Tribble and a Phaser, are familiar with the famous fight between Captain James T. Kirk and the reptilian leader of the Gorn. Placed into combat by the Metron the bravado filled Kirk must do battle with his Gorn counterpart whom he believes attacked a Federation outpost. Ultimately this scaly foe forced Kirk to reveal the kind of man he was, as the captain utilized his superior knowledge to defeat the Gorn, then ultimately showed mercy upon his fallen enemy by refusing to blow up his ship. It has been said that a great villain brings out the best in the hero, and that is what the Gorn did for Kirk.


9. Mirror Universe Enterprise Crew: One of the most iconic collectives of villains in Trek history is an evil version of the crew of the USS Enterprise. In one of the most memorable episodes of Star Trek an ion storm sends James T. Kirk to a Mirror universe where he finds himself onboard an Enterprise ruled by ruthless and traitorous versions of his own crew who serve the Terran Empire. With so much backstabbing on this ship, Spock’s doppleganger enforces order with the Agony Booth. The changes Kirk made to this universe are felt a century later when Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine have to deal with an alliance of Klingons, Bajorans, and Cardassians which now rule this universe.


8. Weyoun: A collection of clones who became a constant thorn in the side of Commander Benjamin Sisko during the Dominion War. As the cold war between the Federation and their allies against the Dominion began to deteriorate Weyoun was there the entire time. Portrayed brilliantly by science fiction and horror icon Jeffery Combs, he made a difficult situation even more difficult for the Federation.


7. Dukat: All the great Star Trek captains have that one nemesis who challenges in a way that no other foe can, for Commander Sisko it was Gul Dukat. Dukat was the Cardassian commander of Deep Space Nine before becoming the leader of Cardassian Union. As per the copurse of Deep Space Nine, Gul Dukat is not a straightforward villain but rather layered antagonist who may be one of the most complex Star Trek baddies in the franchise’s fifty year history. Throughout the run of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dukat was everything from warrior to cult leader.


6. Q: How do you fight an enemy who is omnipotent? If you can find a way do make sure to tell Captain Picard and the rest of his crew, because the evil trickster Q bedevils them at every turn. Not constrained by space or time, the mysterious being known as Q has antagonized Picard, Sisko, and Janeway, during the Star Trek boom of the 90’s, charming audiences along the way. Over time, Q evolved from a straight villain to becoming more of an antihero, even aiding Picard, whom he admitted he considers to be a friend, in the final episode of Next Generation.


5. Gary Mitchell: A severely underrated Trek villain, Mitchell was a friend and trusted crew member of James T. Kirk. When investigating the fate of the SS Valiant, Mitchell became exposed to a mysterious energy which leaves him with god-like powers. As his powers grow, Mitchell moves closer to the dark side. Now Kirk and Spock must not only contend with an incredibly powerful enemy but also a friend  who they may not be able to save.


4. The Romulans: One of the most dangerous villains Starfleet has faced ironically share genetics with the peaceful and logical Vulcans. Rejecting the ways of their cousin race, the Romulans sought to build an empire to prove their supremacy. Though they have held alliances with other enemies of Starfleet such as the Klingon or the Cardassians, in the end the Romulans look out for themselves. Modern Trek fans mainly know them for their ruthless tactics used during JJ Abrams’ film reboot of 2006.


3. The Borg: One of the scariest thing a person can confront is the loss of everything that makes them unique and being forced to conform. That is why the Borg is the greatest threat that Captain Jean Luc Picard has ever faced. The Borg proved so dangerous that they even assimilated the valiant captain into their ranks. Like science fiction locusts the Borg travel the universe assimilating every species everything in their way. Making them even more terrifying is their use of technology and tactics in their quest, even utilizing time travel technology to travel back to humanity’s first contact with an alien race.


2. Khan Noonien Singh: Now let’s go ahead and get it out of our systems “KHHHHAAAAAANNN!!!”. Now that we got that out of the way let us look at the most ruthless enemy Captain Kirk ever faced. A remnant of the Eugenics Wars, Khan was a super solider awakened by Kirk in a future he never dreamed of. But this warrior wasted no time returning to his evil ways and trying to take over the Enterprise. Kirk took mercy on this foe and left him on a planet to start a new civilization. This came back to bite the Captain in the neck  years later in arguably the best film of the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. This time the ancient warlord returns with a personal score to settle against Kirk and is willing to go to unimaginable extremes to do so.


1. The Klingons: This warrior race has been the biggest thorn in the Federation’s side since Captain Kirk ran into them in the classic episode “Errand of Mercy”. And though their appearance has changed over the years their rivalry with the Federation has not. Over the past 50 years the Klingons have become staples not just of the franchise but of pop culture in general as even esteemed colleges have held classes to teach their language. Originally inspired the the fascist ideals of the Nazis, we now recognize them for their adherence to a strict warrior code. Though they have yet to be featured prominently in rebooted movie saga, they are surely lurking in the background waiting for their moment to strike out.