The Pull List: 5/4/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week

Black Widow

Black Widow #3

I totally forgot to buzz Black Widow #2 after the really awesome Black Widow #1, so let me buzz this book. It is the real deal. Chris Samnee injects the same kind of fun and adventurousness that his Daredevil run had.


Deadpool Massacre #1

Apparently, this was a comic they released completely in Spanish. I don’t remember them doing this, and I honestly was super confused when Massacre (the Spanish Deadpool) ended up on Deadpool’s team. By popular demand, they are re-issuing the book, except this time translated. I guess people were too lazy to use a free translation website and get those crappy syntax-less English. So Marvel did it for them. Seriously, they didn’t properly translate it. This is probably going to be pretty funny.


Giant Days #14

This reminds me, I am an issue behind on Giant Days. In this one, the ladies are looking for off-campus housing and are left with the bottom of the barrel.


Hellboy in Hell #9

Damn, I can’t remember the last time a Hellboy in Hell issue me out. I don’t even remember where that story left off.


Klaus #5

Morrison’s Santa Claus tale reveals information about its villain’s past. Plus a super gnarly monster on the cover. Krampus?



Moon Knight #2

Marc Spector finds himself in an asylum suffering from delusions of being a superhero. Are they true?


Nailbiter #21

New story arc. Know how I can tell? The cover is a callback to the original Nailbiter issue.  Alice, the spunky teenager, finds out that the Nailbiter is her father.


Punisher #1

Jon Bernthal not only killed it as Frank Castle but brought another dimension to the character. He deserves that new series, and this series sounds like it might be working from it. It seems that Castle screws up and questions his entire M. O. It might be writer Becky Cloonan’s first time with the Punisher, but she’ll be working with veteran fan-favorite Punisher artist, Steve Dillon.


Thunderbolts #1

Spinning out of the Avengers Standoff event, it looks like Winter Soldier is taking over as leader of the original T-bolts lineup, minus newly minted Avenger Songbird but including long reformed MACH VII.