Garrison Keillor: The Final Broadcast of a Legend

After 42 years as one of most iconic voices on American radio, storyteller Garrison Keillor has hosted his final episode of A Prairie Home Companion. Coming along when Nationalgk1 Public Radio was still in its infancy, Keillor established his wistful deep voice as one of the premier sounds listeners would hear. Every Saturday night for decades he regaled fans with; “Guy Noir: Private Eye”, “Lives of the Cowboys”, and of course the current events from the iconic fictional Minnesota town, “The News From Lake Wobegon”. Radio was not Garrison Keillor’s sole expertise as he also proved to be a talent in music and literature, utilizing his skills as a storyteller and humorist to succeed.

In the beginning of his career, Keillor left his job at a pop station where he grew tired of playing the Beach Boys on constant loop. And in the cynical era of the 1970’s pitched the idea of a variety show featuring wholesome tales mixed with jokes and folk music. For 42 years he made a show built on a seemingly quaint idea into one of the most popular shows on the airwaves. With each passing of the generations, Keillor has remained as relevant and popular as ever without having to adapt to cultural tastes.

Now Garrison Keillor goes off to a well deserved retirement, and the show he created will have a new host in the Punch Brother’s Chris Thile. But for millions of fans the avuncular voice of Garrison Keillor will be something special, and now he can peacefully retire to a place where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.