NPR Programs You Should Be Listening To

For many of us raised in the United States we know about NPR as the radio system which broadcasts from the far left side of the radio dial, funded by various foundations and listeners like you. Every NPR station in America naturally plays the staple shows like; Prairie Home Companion, Morning Edition, and All Things Considered. But over the years NPR has evolved to fit the younger, hipper audiences who have been tuning in for intelligent programming. If you have never given your local NPR  station a chance


This American Life: Everyone has a story to tell, that’s the driving idea behind the series This American Life hosted by famed radio personality, Ira Glass. Each week Glass presents listeners with; essays, memoirs, and other recordings; as people tell their stories concerning the topic of the week. The struggles and triumphs of ordinary people are presented in such a way that it can move the audience to tears or fits of laughter in equal measure.


Wait,Wait Don’t Tell Me: NPR has always been known for their news programs, but none of their current event themed shows is anything like the comedy series Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Each weekend Peter Sagal quizzes a collection of comedians from the worlds of; stand-up, podcasting, and writing, over the past week’s events. Deftly mixing humor with a game show format and a intelligent discussion of current events makes Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me unlike any other show on the radio. Plus the weekly appearance from many fan favorite guests does not hurt either with the likes of; Daniel Radcliffe, Neil Gaiman, Mark Waid, and many others have made appearances on the show.


World Cafe: Every upcoming musician knows getting radio play is key to getting your foot in the door in the music industry. On World Cafe, host David Dye, doesn’t just give them a bit of play he gives many essential and emerging artists a platform to talk about their music and tell their stories, as well as many old favorites. This program has played a huge part in introducing bands like; Mumford and Sons, Sleigh Bells, the Alabama Shakes, and many others to a larger audience.


Radiolab: Masterfully weaving tales of science and art and the human experience to present a show like no other, Radiolab knows no boundaries when it comes to presenting listeners with an informative and thought provoking program. Jad Abumrad, probes into strange and fascinating subjects, telling stories and enlightening listeners.