The Pull List: 11/11/2015

Buzz-worthy books of the week


All New All Different Avengers #1

This is what happens when you become event crazy and keep rebooting series. You end up with a series called “All New, All Different..” Ridiculous. Put it is a hell of a line-up made up of Marvel’s most recent much talked about characters, for better or worse. I found the Bendis run exhausting, and I liked Hickman’s ambition. I think Mark Waid should be a welcome change of pace from both of them.


All New Hawkeye #1

Jeff Lemire’s Hawkeye was cool as hell mirroring Hawkeye’s rough childhood with a hard decision he was forced to make while working with Kate Bishop. Now, fast forward to “Old Man Clint” and “Middle Aged Kate” team back up to try and fix what they royally screwed up.


All New Wolverine #1

Wolverine, one of Marvel’s most popular but also overexposed, is still frozen in admantium. So his younger “sister,” X-23, is taking up his mantle. X-23’s a great character and I think this is a great idea.


Batman #46

Batman finally comes face to face with Mr. Bloom.


Last Sons of America #1

Described as Children of Men as written by Elmore Leonard, the US has been rendered sterile after a biological attack and adoption from other countries explodes in popularity. Unfortunately, that adoption isn’t always legal and kidnapping is way up. 


Slash & Burn #1

A new mystery on-going about a female firefighter.


Ultimates #1

With the Ultimate Universe gone, a team name has a vacancy. So meet the Ultimates. Captain Marvel and Black Panther, Marvel studios up-coming title characters. Miss America, who kicked ass as a Young Avenger. And Blue Marvel, who I said should definitely be an Avenger. These are sort of the Avengers, right?