The Pull List: 8/3/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week



The animals are smartening up. Talking. Taking revenge against their human overlords. In this new world, a girl and her dog try to get out of New York.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange #10

The end of magic reaches a conclusion. Strange has armed himself with the last remaining magical weapons, but his status quo is going to change forever.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn #1

Suicide Squad opens this weekend. It seems wrong not to include Harley’s new book. Oh wait, zombies? Goddammit. I’m so sick of zombies.


Kill or Be Killed #1

A new tale by Ed Brubaker about a kid forced to kill bad people.


Mycroft Holmes #1

Basketball legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabar diverts all of Sherlock’s usual attention on Mycroft, Sherlock’s brother, who , on behalf of Queen Victoria, takes on a mad men with a futuristic weapon .


Nailbiter #24

Another Nailbiter issue, another solicit is claiming to finally reveal the truth about the Buckaroo Butchers.


Sheriff of Babylon #9

I’m not even going to read the solicit. Just KNOW this is the best comic of the year.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Rebirth #1

Just like Harley, I can’t ignore this title since the flick is coming out this week. This reintroduces Rick Flagg to the Suicide Squad, which I actually didn’t realize he was in because I wasn’t really digging the New 52 version.