The Pull List: 9/15/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


All-Star Batman #2

Snyder’s new take on Batman is off to a great start. It is a cool vehicle to show off a lot of different Bat-Rogues. Harvey Dent needs Batman’s help, but Two-Face offered big money to whoever can save him from Batman’s clutches. It is kind of high concept, but not as high s Snyder was when he was on the flagship book. This is definitely more of the quirky side stories that put villains in the spotlight that got told in the supporting titles.


Doom Patrol #1

DC is starting a new imprint called Young Animal. Spear-headed by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way (although his work on Umbrella Academy is probably more relevant), he’s starting it off with a new take on DC’s strangest heroes, The Doom Patrol.


Uncanny Avengers #14

Cable and Captain America’s feud is just getting started. Unknown to Rogers, Cable and Rogue are getting in bed with some bad dudes, Sebastian Shaw and Toad, to try and find a cure to the mutants’ reaction to the Terrigen mist. Meanwhile, The Hand gets involved.