Oz Comic-Con 2017 Cosplayers! (Saturday Part 2)

We’re back with the second cache of images from Saturday’s Oz Comic Con Perth! Big thanks to all those who helped named yesterday’s characters and (I can’t believe I missed this yesterday) a huge thank you to our photographer Jules for helping out again! Although seeing Brent Spiner leap out of a crowd and yell at her was one of the best Con moments ever.

If we’ve posted your photo and you want a copy without the watermark, want a link to your geek related page, need to correct a misidentified character (sorry, I don’t them them all!) or have any other questions please contact us: gfunk@houseofgeekery.com

OXCC2017 Sat 61

These steampunk heroes and their wares are from Duskraven Costumerie – always great to see them!

OXCC2017 Sat 60

I always get Steven Universe characters mixed up, so I’ll wait until someone helps me out…

OXCC2017 Sat 58

Spider-Gwens, Spider-Man and Tobi.

OXCC2017 Sat 59

Whoops, posted it twice. Same folks I guess.

OXCC2017 Sat 57

Venkman, Gamora, Baby Groot and The Punisher

OXCC2017 Sat 56

Hiccup and Toothless! Poor dragon was tuckered out!

OXCC2017 Sat 55

Princess Peach, Luigi, Mario and Yoshi

OXCC2017 Sat 54

A Jedi I can’t name, Rey, Wonder Woman and Black Panther

OXCC2017 Sat 53

The Riddler, The Punisher and Vault Dweller

OXCC2017 Sat 52

Birdperson, Jerry, Rick and Mister Poopybutthole

OXCC2017 Sat 51

Mei, Tracer and…I don’t know but it looks AMAZING.

OXCC2017 Sat 50

Princess Bubblegum, The Winter Soldier, Ant Man and Luke Skywalker

OXCC2017 Sat 49

Spawn and friends!

OXCC2017 Sat 48

Soot Spirits, Haku, Chihiro and No-Face

OXCC2017 Sat 47

Aladdin, Jasmine and an indigenous Darth

OZCC2017 Sat 46


OZCC2017 Sat 45

This awesome Logan and X-23 family cosplay!

OZCC2017 Sat 44

Mary Poppins and George Banks (and they played music!)

OZCC2017 Sat 43

One of those creepy clockwork robots from my favourite Doctor Who episode!

OZCC2017 Sat 42

Duela Dent and a little Harley Quinn!

OZCC2017 Sat 41

More Harley Quinn!

OZCC2017 Sat 40

Raven (the best Teen Titan)

OZCC2017 Sat 39

Ariel, Elsa and Dorothy

OZCC2017 Sat 38


OZCC2017 Sat 36

The Doctor…but what’s behind him…

OZCC2017 Sat 37


OZCC2017 Sat 34

Some freakishly accurate Terminators

OZCC2017 Sat 32

And finally…Mitsuko Miyazumi (with Dr. Krieger)

Keep watch, we got more coming!