Oz Comic-Con 2017 Cosplayers! (Sunday Part 2)

Sadly, this is the last gallery for this years Oz Comic-Con. Happily it is awesome! I really do love our local geek community and that goes double for the Cosplayers. Enjoy this last batch and I hope to see you all again soon!

If you missed any of our convention coverage check out our first three Cosplay galleries the interviews with Greg Rucka, Arthur Darvill and Tricia Helfer!

If we’ve posted your photo and you want a copy without the watermark, want a link to your geek related page, need to correct a misidentified character (sorry, I don’t them them all!) or have any other questions please contact us: gfunk@houseofgeekery.com

OZCC2017 Sun 24


OZCC2017 Sun 45

These rad Mario Kart racers!

OZCC2017 Sun 44

The Wicked Witch and Ursula!

OZCC2017 Sun 43

A couple of Jedi in a dungeon for…reasons!

OZCC2017 Sun 42

The Punisher stepped on one to many Lego pieces.

OZCC2017 Sun 41

Star Trek crew members (the framing is off because our photographer…is in the photo!)

OZCC2017 Sun 40

Zatanna and Archer is a cross over we want to see

OZCC2017 Sun 39

Duela Dent

OZCC2017 Sun 38

Raven and Harley Quinn – two of my favourite characters!

OZCC2017 Sun 37


OZCC2017 Sun 36

More Star Trek!

OZCC2017 Sun 35


OZCC2017 Sun 34

These dangerous character and Tracer

OZCC2017 Sun 33

Wonder Woman

OZCC2017 Sun 32

Beauty and the Beast

OZCC2017 Sun 31

More Star Trek! Did we mention Brent Spiner was at this Con?

OZCC2017 Sun 30

Bombshell edition Batwoman

OZCC2017 Sun 29

Chucky and Ghost Recon trooper

OZCC2017 Sun 28


OZCC2017 Sun 27

Nurse Joy

OZCC2017 Sun 26


OZCC2017 Sun 25

And to round it out…Ragnar and a horrifying Titan!