Movie Review: ‘Catfight’

Over the years a great number of movies have explored the rift between the haves and have-nots with great sensitivity and insight. But the indie comedy from director Onur Tukel, Catfight explores this topic with hilarious over-the-top violence. With an eye for pitch black comedy Tukel tells the story of trophy wife Veronica (Sandra Oh) and bitter artist Ashley who rekindle their vicious rivalry after crossing each others paths by chance. Rather than exchange catty remarks the two engage in a bloody no-holds barred fight in a stairwell which leaves Veronica in a coma. When she awakens years later she learns that while she was out she lost everything and Ashley has now become the successful toast of the artistic world. With nothing left to lose Veronica decides to return the favor.


The cast led by Anne Heche and Sandra Oh, which also includes Alicia Silverstone, Ariel Kavoussi, and Dylan Baker are all on top form. Seamlessly transitioning through an entire range of emotions throughout the film. At the helm of this picture Onur Tukel pulls no punches with the jokes or the fight scenes, rather than go for slaptstick he makes the interesting choice to go full-on Quentin Tarantino bloodbath style. The story of the film is solid, despite the political commentary being heavy handed at times, we feel for the situations of both main characters and see both their bad and good qualities. The end result is that Catfight is a strange, violent, and entertaining flick well worth seeing.