Sir Roger Moore’s Top 10 ‘James Bond’ Moments

Last night it was announced that actor Roger Moore had passed away. Although Moore had a long and colourful career, making a name for himself in The Saint on television, it’s his seven movie run as the world’s most popular spy James Bond that is his legacy. Whilst everyone has their own favourite Bond there’s no denying Moore’s impact on the series, and the sense of fun he brought to the role.

So to send him off we’ve compiled the 10 most memorable moments from his time as Bond. Some good, some nuts…all memorable.

10. The Gondola


Moonraker is often criticised as being the most ridiculous Bond Adventure (possibly by people who haven’t seen Die Another Day) but you can’t help but smile at the ridiculous campiness of the film. This looniness reaches its peak when a knife throwing assassin pops out of a coffin in the Venice canals, prompting Bond to beat a hasty retreat in a power-gondola which then inflates into a hovercraft. Bond, being the master of stealth he is, then drives his hovercraftgondola around the crowded St. Marco’s square while a pigeon does a double take. This takes the spot for silliest moment away from Bond going undercover as a clown in Octopussy.

9. Spiralling Jump

The Man With the Golden Gun

While hunting down Scaramanga in Thailand Bond finds himself on the wrong side of a river bank and likely to lose his prey. Spotting a broken bridge Bond takes his chance and speeds towards the twisted mess of wood, sending his car twisting in mid-air before landing on the other side. This stunt was performed by the talented stunt team, then completely undermined by the dumb sound effect.

8. Mountain Monastery

For Your Eyes Only

The Roger Moore era of Bond was blessed with stunning scenery. From the mushroom islands of The Man with the Golden Gun to the pyramids of Giza in The Spy Who Loved Me we saw every stunning corner of the world. Easily one of the best is the mountaintop monastery which doubles as an evil lair in For Your Eyes Only, complete with Bond making a daring climb up the cliff to complete his mission.

7. Jaws

The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker


Bond has faced his share of memorable foes and even more memorable henchmen. None of them were ever as memorable or imposing as Jaws, played by Richard Kiel. The gigantic man with sharp, metal teeth outlived two villainous bosses across two missions and is synonymous with Bond during this era of the series. Real question, though…why did Bond always try punching him in the mouth? We were lucky enough to meet Richard Kiel a short time before his death in 2014 and even though he was struggling with his physical health he was still getting into the role when posing with fans. 

6. The ‘gator Farm

Live and Let Die

Moore’s first run at the character was one of his best, a solid film taking in Harlem, New Orleans and Haitian culture. It was packed with great characters such as Solitaire, Tee Hee and Baron Samedi and features a ripper boat chase that very almost made this list. But nothing tops the scene where Bond is stranded on a small lump of land in the middle of a lake full of alligators. How to escape? Bond takes the direct route. It’s worth the time looking up the alternate takes where the stunt performer almost doesn’t make it. Yikes.

5. The Free Fall


Sometimes you just have to drop a character into a situation and watch what happens, and that is a perfect description for how Moonraker opens…with Bond being thrown out of a plane without a parachute. His only chance for survival is to take a parachute away from one of the bad guys sharing his sky. It’s a super cool way to kick things off.

4. The VW Chase

For Your Eyes Only

After the lunacy of Moonraker the producers pushed for a more grounded, realistic approach to the spy genre. Enter For Your Eyes Only – less comedy, less colourful figures, more intrigue and more menacing foes. When Bond’s Lotus activates it’s somewhat enthusiastic alarm system he and Melina are left escaping in a VW Beetle. At first it looks ridiculous but it’s such a well choreographed stunt driving sequence it turns into a really tight action scene.

3. The Parachute

The Spy Who Loved Me

Often the cold opens are the best parts of these movies. In this adventure Bond is being chased down a mountain by a gang of enemy spies wearing skis. After a thrilling battle with poles doubling as rifles and backflips Bond exits the scene in the most ridiculous/awesome way possible…launching himself straight off a cliff and deploying a parachute pattern with a Union Jack. This is also one reason Bond is terrible at his job.

2. The Lotus

The Spy Who Loved Me

Sticking with the same movie and basically the same routine…let’s celebrate Bond’s 2nd coolest car. Whilst being chased by a helicopter Bond does the only logical thing by driving his Lotus Esprit off a pier and into the water. Then, in a moment of pure radness, the car transforms into a functional submarine! Even cooler, the gadget actually worked! Except for the fact it wasn’t waterproof and the driver had to wear full scuba gear, it was still a Lotus that turned into a submarine!

1. The Scaramanga Duel

The Man With the Golden Gun

The aforementioned The Spy Who Loved Me is one of my favourite Bond outings, but this one captured by imagination as a child. We have already been introduced to the world’s greatest assassin, Fransisco Scaramanga, and his signature weapon, the titular golden gun, and his fun house. Scaramanga charges a million bucks a bullet and can kill anyone, hiding his gun as a lighter, cigarette case, cufflink and pen. He challenges himself by hiring other renown killers and luring them into his bonkers fun house to hunt them down. By the time we see Bond – played by Sir Roger Moore – agreeing to a duel against Scaramanga – played by the late, great Sir Christopher Lee – things could not be more exciting. The subsequent gun fight through the fun house, counting down Bond’s six bullets, does not disappoint. 

Rest in Peace, Sir Roger Moore. Thanks for the fun memories.