Casting Call: ‘Fantastic Four’

On the big screen the characters of Marvel Comics have never been bigger. Characters like; Iron Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and even Rocket Raccoon have grown beyond their four colored beginnings and have become bonafide pop icons. Strangely the heroes that started the entire Marvel movement have yet to enjoy their time in the cinematic spotlight. The First Family of Marvel the Fantastic Four, have had movie adaptations but none have done justice to the source material. Sadly legalese keeps them in a separate sandbox from many of the other heroes with whom they share a comic universe with. As a huge fan of the Fantastic Four I long for the day Reed Richards and his family can be incorporated into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. When that day comes I have the perfect cast in mind.


John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic: According to the Hollywood rumor mill, Krasinski just barely missed his shot at joined the MCU in being a runner-up for the role of Captain America. Given that I think the Office star deserves another shot at playing a superhero. In his most famous role to date as Jim in the Office he displayed Reed Richards smugness while at the same time showing that he cared for those he was close to. Lately in films like 13 Hours he has shown a skill for action flicks which is important for a superhero flick. Krasinski has the chops and the ability to be a leading man, perhaps this is the role he was meant to take on.


Carey Mulligan as the Invisible Woman: Sue Richards is the heart and soul of the Fantastic Four, holding this dysfunctional superhero team together. As such you need a gifted actress who has a tremendous sense of depth and soulfulness. As one of the most gifted actresses of her generation, Mulligan has shown she has the ability to disappear into any roll she plays. From a young woman coming into her own in the movie that put her on Hollywood’s map An Education to a maternal figure you can not help but root for in the violent cult hit Drive. Mulligan has all of the skills needed to be the protector and emotional core of the family that calls the Baxter Building home.


Terry Crews as the Thing: I have said before that Crews is one of the most underrated entertainers around right now. He has the physique to be the envy of any action star and the comedy chops to hold his own alongside the funniest of comedians. This blend of macho bravado and perfect comic timing is the perfect combination to be Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew and the most popular member of the Fantastic Four. With his incredible amount of coolness and charisma moviegoers everywhere will burst into cheers when he yells “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!”


Nicholas Hoult as the Human Torch: This role is a tricky one, Johnny Storm is a brash and arrogant character who needles the other members of his family on a regular basis. So an actor is needed who has the right charisma and charm to not have the audience turn against the hero. In the series Skins that is what Hoult did in every episode as Tony, the manipulative leader of the crew who despite all his shortcomings had the respect and trust of his friends. In recent years he has earned his superhero pedigree as the Beast in the X-Men films, but one can not help but think that the Human Torch would be a better character for Hoult to show off his cocky charm.


Jason Isaacs as Doctor Doom: While I am sure he’s a nice guy in real life, everything about Jason Isaacs, from his voice to his screen presence screams villain. It is a shame that the greatest villain of the Marvel Universe has been absent from the cinematic universe. So when the ruler of Latveria makes his grand debut an actor who has the right sinister gravitas is necessary to establish Doom as a major threat from the start. From Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series to Col. Tavington in the Patriot, Isaacs has proven himself to be the master of playing evildoers with massive egos to go with a flair for the dramatic.


Brad Bird directing: For years fans have pointed out that the Incredibles is the closest thing we have had to a proper Fantastic Four film so it seems a no brainer that the acclaimed filmmaker who brought that story to life should hop into the director’s chair for the real deal. In recent years Bird has made the transition from directing animated features to live action without missing a beat. Starting with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Bird proved he could helm a kick-ass action flick and with Tomorrowland, he showed audiences that he still has an eye for cool retro science fiction. Bird’s filmography reads of a man who can balance a wide range of elements to make the perfect film.