The Worst Justice League Members

For over fifty years, the Justice League has stood as arguably the greatest team of superheroes ever put together. During this time their ranks have seen members like: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern; and many other legends of the DC Universe. But not every member can be a winner as this list will show you. Some who have walked through the Hall of Justice have left fans scratching their heads as to how they ended up there. In honor of these caped misfits, here are the some of the worst members to ever hold membership in the Justice League.


Bloodwynd: Comic fans in the 90’s knew poor spelling was a sign of coolness for your superhero. Bloodwynd joined the League with a confusing backstory, where it turned out he was actually the Martian Manhunter in disguise. Once that was settled, that is when the REAL Bloodwynd joined the team. With constant references to “the ancestors” combined with his tendency to be passive, when the other heroes needed help got really old. It was not long before Bloodwynd was demoted to simply being a member of the Justice League reserves. Since then the “hero” has made some brief cameos of no consequence, but has not been seen in years.


Maxima: Many heroes have their own reasons for joining the distinguished ranks of the Justice League. Some do it to belong to something greater; others do it out of a sense of duty. Maxima joined to use her feminine wiles to seduce Superman….then later Captain Atom…..Amazing Man was in there too at some point…..and I believe Darkseid’s son Grayven came years later. A warrior from the planet Almerac, she encountered the Man of Steel whom she decided would be a good match for her. Needless to say Supes rebuffed her advances, driving her to become his enemy. When she seemingly reformed, Maxima was granted membership into the Justice League. The alien warrior remained loyal to the team for a while; when it was disbanded after Doomsday attacked, she even joined Extreme Justice (but that was mainly because she had the hots for Captain Atom now with Superman gone). Despite this she was never a key player on the team, with a bland powerset, Maxima often found herself overpowered by supervillains. After it was clear her superhero career was over, Maxima left earth, spent some time as a villain again and then disappeared to wherever forgotten comic characters go.


Vibe: Being one of the key League members during the Detroit-era is nothing to brag about. Saying that it, is time to talk about a key League member from that time, Vibe. Writer Gerry Conway, tried to capitalize on the break dancing fad (after it was over) by using this overconfident member as a member of Aquaman’s team. Speaking in a stereotypical Hispanic accent, combined with a silly looking costume was particularly grating for readers. Vibe, does however, have a place in the history books as the first Justice League killed while in action. Though Geoff Johns himself helped revive the character in the New 52, this forgettable character toils in comic obscurity. Luckily he has developed a fandom on television thanks to his being featured on the Flash.


Gypsy: Speaking of key members of the Detroit-era, we have Gypsy. The ability to use camouflage to blend with your surroundings is a good power if you plan on hiding from villains rather than challenging them. The powers that be at DC Comics, hoped that this young woman would be there answer to the popularity of Kitty Pryde in the X-Men, their hope was NOT rewarded. Despite having a rather weak powerset, Gypsy did remain loyal to the League and even built a special relationship with Martian Manhunter. After her stint in the League was over, Gypsy would pop up every so often, though luckily, future writers have upgraded her powers allowing her to actually contribute to the action.