Basic Tools for Ghost Hunting

For years now, television has been dominated with shows which follow ghost hunters investigating the paranomal. One thing that stands out to most is the use of hi-tech equipment used across all of these shows. The cost of such things is sure to scare people away who may have an interest in the supernatural. So here is a list of some of the basic equipment for use in paranormal investigating. A ‘beginners kit’ if you will.


EMF Detector/K2 Meter: The prevailing theory is that ghosts/spirits/entities are in essence forms of energy which grow in strength as they manifest. In order to detect these anomalies, paranormal investigator have turned to a tool used by electricians. The EMF detector, does exactly what its name implies and detects electro-magnetic fields. The classic model features a mechanical arm which goes across a scale depending on how strong the energy is in an area. If you are able to get a strong reading in an area free of: utility pipes, computers, phones, etc. then you have found an anomaly. With most paranormal investigating done in the dark, many investigators and researchers in the past several years have switched over to utilizing a K2 meter for this purpose. The idea behind the tool is still the same, but rather than an arm moving across a scale, this tool uses a series of lights which can be easily seen in the dark.


Digital Recorder: EVPs are some of the strongest evidence of the paranormal out there and in order to capture these audio anomalies it helps to have a digital recorder. Granted you can use a standard tape recorder (but seriously who sells blank cassette tapes anymore), but the digital recorder works best for this. Once you record the events of your investigation, most models allow you to move the files to a computer, where a number of programs can allow you to make adjustments while you are listening to it. As we are human be sure to notate during the investigation when you: burp, fart, yawn, shoot fireworks etc. so you know what it is when you come across it in the audio files.


Camera: This is to be expected, as many of you know a camera captures a moment in time, nowadays in digital form. This comes in particularly handy in the field of paranormal investigation because it allows you to go back later and analyze a setting to see if you can find anything. Perhaps you will see something out of the ordinary that was not there before. Just a friendly disclaimer, as you look over your photographs be thorough as things like orbs often have rational sources. If you use a flash when taking picture during an investigation be sure to notify those in the area so they can prepare themselves accordingly before you snap the picture.


Flashlight: Another addition to the list you probably expected. As most paranormal investigations are conducted in dark locations, having a flashlight should go without saying. Be sure to be courteous to everyone else around you and not shine it in their face. Not only does it ruin their eyes natural adjustment to the dark, it is also very rude. Personally I use a flashlight with a red bulb as illumination so as not to mess with my natural night vision.


Infrared Thermometer: Investigators and researchers have found when a paranormal being gathers the energy to manifest themselves it is accompanied by a drastic change in temperature. An infrared thermometer allows you to take a reading of an area and keep tabs on any climate condition changes. This does not have to be anything fancy, in fact you can find one of these in most stores.