Sorting Disney Heroines into Hogwarts Houses

We love Disney and we love Harry Potter. Now let’s put them together and sort Disney heroines into Hogwarts Houses! Onward friends!


Chivalrous Mulan who takes her father’s place in war.

Ariel, who willfully does what she wants, no matter the consequences.

Brave Merida, who goes outside of her comfort zone to save the day.

Eilonwy, who arrogantly remains ever the heroic Princess.

Strong Pocahontas, who chooses to do the right thing for her people, despite the risk.

Nani, who will passionalty protect her family at all costs.



Aurora, the dreamer, who lives inside her head.

Clever Jane who studies science.

Alice, whose curiosity gets her in more than a bit of trouble.

Intelligent Belle, who loves reading and books.

Wendy, whose imagination allows her to fly off to Neverland.

Creative Rapunzel, who makes the best of her bad situation.



Snow White, who is dedicated to helping others.

Hard-working Cinderella, who is never afraid to toil.

Tiana, who patiently makes her own dreams come true.

Stubborn Sally, who won’t give up trying to help.

Anna, who is loyal to her sister Elsa through it all.

Kind Chica, who welcomes strangers into her home.



Jasmine, who has ambitions for more than marriage.

Charismatic Megara who uses charm to get her way.

Kida, who is accomplished in many different ways.

Cunning Tinkerbell, who always has something up her sleeve.

Elsa, whose powers are incredibly innovative.

Resourceful Esmeralda, who knows how to get by.