10 More Horror Gems on Netflix

Last year I created a list of ten awesome horror films mixed up in the Netflix bargain bin. This year, I bring you 10 more that are definitely worth a watch! Check out my first list of 10 Horror Gems on Netflix here!

  1. Veronica (2017)

A teenage girl in 1991 Spain must protect her family from evil spirits.

Watch if: You want a super scary, super well-done demonic film.


  1. Last Shift (2014)

A rookie cop gets pretty much the worst first shift ever.

Watch if: You want a haunting that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


  1. Black Rock (2012)

Three friends go to a remote island and chaos ensues.

Watch if: You know that people are scarier than ghosts or demons.


  1. Creep (2014)

A videographer realizes his new employer is not what he seems.

Watch if: You want to see the guy from The League be super, well, creepy.


  1. The Ritual (2017)

Four friends go camping in the woods but something else is with them.

Watch if: You love those “lost in the woods” tales.


  1. Teeth (2007)

A girl has the deadliest vagina in history.

Watch if: You want something original and kind of f*cked up.


  1. Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)

Two redneck friends get misinterpreted a lot.

Watch if: You like a side of laughs with your blood and guts.


  1. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

A bunch of drooling High School guys are obsessed with Amber Heard.

Watch if: You appreciate a low-budget but still satisfying slasher.


  1. The Nightmare (2015)

A documentary that will scare you more than any horror film.

Watch if: You know how actually terrifying sleep paralysis is.


  1. Holidays (2016)

Eight short films each taking place on a different holiday.

Watch if: You love a good anthology.