When Ghosts Kill

All over the world for as long as stories have been recorded, people have seen ghosts. Those who have passed on yet still linger in a spiritual form to haunt the living. We tell ourselves that ghosts can’t hurt us. Yet throughout history there have been those who have allegedly met there ends through supernatural means. Here are five murders that were allegedly carried out by spiritual beings.


Alcatraz Prisoner: Alcatraz is perhaps America’s most infamous prison and the most feared portion of this already feared place is the D-Block. When Alcatraz was operational this was where solitary confinement was carried out, the worst cell of which was dubbed “the Hole”. Throughout the prison’s history those unfortunate to be sent here would report a number of supernatural occurrences, including a man in period clothes bound by chains which they would hear rattle around. During the 1940’s one prisoner found out firsthand how dangerous this spirit was. While serving time in the Hole, this man began to scream out to anyone within earshot that he was not alone in his cell. Apparently there was a man with glowing red eyes with him who no doubt had nefarious plans. The guards ignored him as he screamed and cried for help throughout the night until he finally went silent. The next morning the Hole was opened and the prisoner was found dead of strangulation, his face was blue from lack of oxygen and handprints were around his neck.  Logically the investigation looked into the fact that the guards were tired of his screaming and sought to shut him up permanently. Yet when the investigation was conducted all of the guards who could have strangled the prisoner were accounted for. This leaves the question of whether or not he was prisoner of the D-Block’s infamous spirit.



John Bell: The case of the Bell Witch Haunting was one of the first prominent supernatural happenings in the United States. For years, the Bell Family of Adams, Tennessee were tormented by a spirit calling itself Kate, which was witnessed by numerous people throughout their community and other travelers from across the American South. It was family patriarch, John Bell and the youngest daughter Betsy, who caught the brunt of the spirit’s wrath. While Betsy was fortunate enough to find a way out of her house by marrying a man named Josh Gardner, John was stuck battling Kate for the rest of his days, days which the witch allegedly brought to an end. In the winter of 1820, John Bell became deathly ill and experienced seizures which put him on bed rest. As his health grew worse, the witch’s creepy voice could be heard around the house rejoicing with merriment. On December 20th, John took some of his medicine and slipped into a coma and never came out of it. His oldest son had a suspicion he tested by giving some of the “medicine” to a cat which promptly died. When friends and family came to pay their respect, Kate interrupted the somber ceremony by merrily singing that John, whom she called “ol’ Jack” died because she switched his medicine out with poison. Kate would continue to be a supernatural presence on the Bell property and to this day supernatural events happen on the land which are chalked up to the entity known as the Bell Witch.


Hannah Rallinson: Hannah Rallinson and her husband had moved into a home on Campo Lane in Sheffield, UK in the mid-19th century and Hannah found herself the victim of a terrifying haunting. It began with the sighting in the basement, of the apparition of an elderly woman in a bloodstained dress. While the spirit was seen throughout the house the haunting was focused in the cellar. The Campo Lane Ghost soon began to be the talk of Sheffield and many members of the Rallinson’s church began to crowd around their home at night and peer through the basement windows. This forced the family to put up curtains in those windows to ward off their nosey friends and neighbors. One night while venturing into the basement to check things out for herself, Hannah let out a scream and fainted. She was rushed upstairs and momentarily revived to recount that she saw the woman in bloodstained clothes, she had gashes and vicious wounds on her throat, and said her name was Elizabeth Johnson and she had been murdered in this house. After that the spirit rushed Hannah Rallinson warning her to leave her house. The next day, the otherwise healthy and normal Hannah Rallinson did not wake from her sleep. According to her official Death Certificate the cause of her demise was fright.


The Jamison Family: In October 2009, Bobby Dale and Sherilyn Jamison purchased a 40 acre plot of land in the mountains of rural Oklahoma. On October 9, 2009, surveillance footage caught the couple and their six year old daughter Madyson methodically loading their truck and leaving, this would be the last time of the Jamison family was seen until 2013. The bodies of the family were found by the spot their truck had been found a few days after they had been reported missing. This area had been searched in the initial effort yet somehow the bodies were not there at that point. Due to how badly decomposed the bodies were, there was no way conclusively to say how they died. Rumors spread of Body Dale battling suicidal feelings and he and Sherilyn being tied to the cartel. The family’s pastor, Gary Brandon had other ideas on how the Jamisons met their tragic end. The family had confided in him that young Madyson had begun communicating with what she claimed were spirits who haunted their new residence. The supernatural activity in their home began to kick up more and more and they turned to the occult as a means to do something about it. This was not so easy to write off as investigators found many black magic and occult related items in the Jamison home during the beginning stages of the investigation. This account was supported by a family friend who herself witnessed dangerous paranormal events at the home. The activity in the home in combination with the seemingly trance-like nature they appeared to be in when packing the truck has led many to speculate the family was killed via supernatural means.