Tabletop Tuesday: ‘Fetus Feud’

Today we’re discussing Fetus Feud, which is a…

Yes, that is the name.

Fetus Feud.

Oh, no…no…it’s not like that. You’re trying be born first. Right.

Disclaimer – the game designers sent us a free copy of the game (all the way to Australia!) in exchange for a review. That doesn’t change our review in any way, just being transparent. 


Fetus Feud: The Game of Sudden Birth is a straight forward card game for 2-5 players and you’ll have a winner within about 15 minutes. It has simple mechanics, meaning that new players will have no problem picking it up. The flipside of this is that veteran gamers won’t be finding anything new here. Players take it in turns to draw a card and then play cards until they elect to stop, run out or play an attack. 

The goal for each player (or ‘wombmates’) to collect as many Contraction cards as possible before the Labour card is played. When this occurs the game immediately ends and the one with the most Contractions is the winner, having been successfully born. And we will never contemplate what happens to the losers. Nosiree.


For the players the only challenge is to determine when to play which cards, but luck is still going to play a major role. Due to this it may frustrate players who like to feel more in control over their end result. It’s very similar in design to Exploding Kittens except without cats…which is a mark against it in my book.

On the other hand, it does have some solid puns. So points for that. Double points for the quality cartoony art to reinforce the pun.

The friendly designers will also be donating a portion of the profits to support a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. This is cause that has affected my family, so we appreciate this. If you want to use your money to do some good you can also get a game out of it!

It will also make an awesome gift the next time your nerd friends are having a baby shower!

If this sounds like your jam, then wander over it Kickstarter. They’ll be launching the campaign in a day or so.