Zero Context: Game of Thrones – Episode 4

It’s time for episode 4 of Zero Context: Game of Thrones, a podcast where a Game of Thrones expert and a newbie come together to watch the final season of Game of Thrones and talk about their thoughts, feelings and concerns as the season progresses.

In this episode, we discuss episode 4 of the final season of Game of Thrones, and how it feels like two very different episodes pushed together to make one. I rant about how boring Jon Snow is as a character, and how out of place any scene with Bron in it feels. I also jokingly but accurately predict who ends up on the throne in the end, which I was shocked to discover when I came back to edit this episode. Jake rants about the geography of King’s Landing changing in season 8, and continues to demand Justice for Navies and, of course, Justice for Ghost.

We both struggle to pinpoint the purpose of the episode, and we struggle with characters and fleets of ships teleporting around the continent. This episode, our discussion is heavy on the Yu-Gi-Oh references, so we hope you all know a little something about the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Jake brings us a double hot take, predicting the appearance of a dragon army to assist with the attack on King’s Landing, and also suggests that dragon armour might be a good idea, considering the events of this episode. Additionally, in spoiler corner, I talk about the most spoilery spoiler I’ve seen thus far, and also about learning about the death of a character from a Spiderman meme. I also discuss my pros and cons for this episode, and boy were there a lot of cons, but somehow my top pro was the Starbucks cup making an appearance, so I guess that says a lot about the other good things I noticed in the episode…

Next episode, we will of course be discussing episode 5 of the final season, and you’ll finally get to hear our thoughts on the sudden turn Dany takes.

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But for now, Valar Morghulis!

Our theme music is Exciting Trailer by Kevin Macleod