Dolls That Will Creep You Out

With their unmoving features and and blank expressions dolls give people the heebie-jeebies. There are even some dolls who have given people a right to be scared, these are the dolls who will creep you out.


Robert the Doll: In the bright sunny Florida Keys the young son of a well-to-do family named Robert Eugene Otto was given a doll named after him, which would become infamous objects around. The boy, known to everyone as Gene, grew attached to the doll and whenever mischief would happen in the house he was quick to blame Robert the Doll. But when others around the house noticed the toy around scenes of mishaps it became harder to write these claims off.  Neighborhood children even claimed to see Robert in the upstairs window pacing around and glaring down at them. Eventually he was locked in the attic, though the family would hear footsteps and giggling from the toy above them. Years later the Otto house came to a new owner, Myrtle Reuter who discovered Robert the Doll. She put up with the haunted doll for a number of years before donating him to the Fort East Martello Museum. Though museum staff wrote off the claims of a supernatural doll as a hoax, they too began to notice Robert moving within exhibit and other strange events surrounding it. For more about Robert the Doll check it out HERE.


Annabelle: Unlike the porcelain doll we saw at the movies, the real Annabelle was actually a simple Raggedy Ann. Given as a gift to a young nursing student, this doll was seemingly at the center of a host of unfortunate events. According to the doll’s owner Donna, her and those who lived with her would see Annabelle moving around on her own, and her friend Lou in particular was tormented by the toy. When the strangeness continued, Donna turned to a medium who examined the doll and proclaimed it possessed by a  girl named Annabelle. Eventually paranormal pop stars Ed and Lorraine Warren were brought into the investigation and came to the conclusion that Annabelle was being manipulated by a demonic entity. After a failed exorcism the couple had the doll safely locked away behind protective glass at the Warren Occult Museum.


Autauga County Swamp Dolls: In November of 2014, the sheriff’s department of Autauga County, Alabama was called to a swamp in Prattville where someone had discovered 21 dolls impaled on bamboo shoots. Many of these dolls were antique porcelain collectibles with hair spray painted white. Considering the marshy Bear Creek Swamp is already home to a number of scary stories and legends, the discovery of the dolls only added to the mystique. Law enforcement reached out to the lumber company who owned the property, unfortunately they did not have anything that could help figure out what happened. The mysterious Autauga County Swamp Dolls went viral when they inevitably hit social media, but the mystery of who put them there or why remains.


Charley the Haunted Doll: In the attic of a Victorian-era home a family in the late 1960’s discovered a doll, stashed away in a box buried under piles of old newspapers. Given the family’s affinity to for antiques they held on to the doll and dubbed him Charley. The parents of this household began to notice that Charley seemed to move to different spots on the shelf they placed him on. Naturally the kids were blamed, who denied the charges of tampering with Charley. A new layer of strangeness was brought on, when it was noticed the children would act oddly cautious around the doll. They not only claimed that their newly discovered doll would talk to them, but none of them would approach within several feet of Charley and they blamed him for their refusal to move around the house freely at night. The breaking point was hit, when the youngest daughter was discovered with scratches on her which she claimed came from Charley. With that, Charley was placed back into the box of newspapers in the attic and things returned to normal. Once the children had grown they held a yard sale to clear out the items from there parent’s upstate New York home, of course the last thing anyone purchased was the trunk containing the creepy toy. After being passed around to different owners, Charley now has a place of prominence at the eclectic shop, Local Artisan, outside Salem Massachusetts. There the friendly owner Cassandra Carr indulges guests with the eerie tale of this doll.