Australia Just Honoured a Defender of Child Rapists

Quite the click-bait title, right? Rest assured, there is no hyperbole here. We’re going to discuss what is on the tin. Yesterday – Australia Day 2020 – saw the awarding of a Member of Order of Australia (AM), one of the highest honours in the land to Bettina Arndt for ‘Services to Gender Equality’. If you are unfamiliar with Arndt, she is a media commentator and sexual therapist who, in a number of seperate occasions, defended convicted child rapists. Her defence often puts the blame on the child who has been raped.

Again, for those at the back: Bettina Arndt blames children for being raped, and Australia just granted her an honour.

Again, no hyperbole.

Possibly also the ‘Most Punchable’ looking person you’ll see today.

If you’re a sensible, critical reader who doesn’t take the internet ramblings on one person at face value, you’d be looking for details to support the claim that Australian Member of Order recipient for Services to Gender Equality Bettina Arndt will firmly defend the actions of men who rape children and shift the blame onto the children. So…

The most egregious and most publicised case involves Nicolaas Bester, a teacher who in 2011 was charged and jailed for almost three years for having raped a 15 year old student many times over a long period of time. Now if you’re sensitive to this kind of crime, maybe skip the next paragraph because it’s about to get sickening.

When a 15 year old girl approached her teacher – one Nicholaas Bester – to divulge to him that she had been sexually abused as a child, and the abuse took place in a locked cupboard, you would hope that the teacher would immediately do everything possible to ensure this child’s safety. Instead, Bester saw an opportunity. He ordered the student into a cupboard and to remove her clothes. Yes, his first reaction was to recreate the abuse so he can indulge himself. The student was petrified by fear. Bester took advantage of this and raped the girl, and raped her another 20-30 times while she was his student.

Nicholaas Bester’s defence for his heinous acts were echoed by Bettina Arndt when she gave him a platform to defend himself on her youtube channel. Bester and Arndt spoke of the 15 year old girl, who was raped by the 58 year old teacher she confided in, as using “sexually provocative behaviour” to seduce Bester.

Obviously, who could resist a man who radiates such pure creeper stink?

You read it right: Bettine Arndt claims that a 15 year old provoked a creepy old man to force to rape her multiple times. Arndt doubles down on this position, clarifying that children should “behave sensibly and not exploit their seductive power to ruin the lives of men”.

In addition to raping a child 20-30 times and blaming the child for ‘seducing’ him, Arndt was also charged with child pornography. And was charged a second time. How does this repeat offender child rapist sum up his behaviour? Perhaps he feels regret, shame, guilt…

Sorry. He’s says that it was ‘awesome’. He also claims that most men tell him that they wish they could have done it.

Bettina Arndt, who has just honoured by Australia for ‘services to gender equality’, laughed off this statement saying that “I can imagine how easily this happens” in defence of paedophiles. This is all part of Arndt’s rhetoric that feminists are out to “ruin the lives” of men with “fake accusations”. Australia just honoured its leading Men’s Right Activists.

Bettine Arndt: “sexually provocative behaviour from female students”

This isn’t a one off occurrence for Bettina Arndt either. Let’s take a quick look at her other antics.

The ‘SlutWlak’ movement, which protests the inherent rape culture present in Australia, was criticised by Arndt as ‘”flagrant prick-teasing”. Bettina Arndt actually accuses anti-rape activists as trying to provoke rape. This is the most extreme version of “no means yes” I’ve ever seen.

When a Canberra doctor was convicted of sexually abusing a 12 year old child, Bettina Arndt defended him because what he did would be a “loving act” in a different context. So…rape is ok because if it wasn’t rape it wouldn’t be rape? What?

Bettina Arndt: “a loving and pleasurable act” in a different context.

In 2005, Bettina Arndt called Scout Master Robert Potter a ‘good bloke’ after he was convicted of molesting four children in his care. Arndt complained that his “minor abuse” of four children had lasting consequences for Potter.

In the shocking, sickening and infamous case of Cardinal George Pell. This holy man was imprisoned on five charges of molesting 13 year old boys while Pell was an Archbishop. Bettina Arndt dismissed the case as being mob justice and likened it to The Crucible. Bettina Arndt likens the conviction of paedophiles to men being accused of witchcraft.

The Australian Government has reached a new low. At a time when the Prime Minister has been the subject of international scorn after he fucked off on a Hawaiian vacation while his country literally burns, the Australian Government has made a good run as being even more disgustedly incompetent.

The Australian Government has taken a person who is best known to the public as a defender of paedophiles, who claimed that children should be blamed for being ‘seductive’, who said that a doctor who masturbated in front of children was being ‘loving in a different context’, as given her one of it’s highest honours. The message is clear that the Australian Government wants women to learn their place of subservience. That they shouldn’t try and ruin men’s lives for the “minor” act of child rape. Bettina Arndt is one of the most disgusting people living in Australia, on the same level of revulsion as the child rapists she defends, and the Australian Government want you to look to her for inspiration.

This is a black mark in the history pages.

Cheers, dickhead.