Potential Sony Spider-Man Spinoffs

“Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters” is pretty stupid name, it’s true. It is also true that there are characters that fall under the Spider-Man umbrella and could lead their own solo film just fine. Venom for one. Venom has unsurprisingly been in talks for years. It wasn’t very good, but still, it makes sense to want to do it. Morbius too. At this point, we have a crappy trailer that is not a good sign and a lead actor that seems to revel in acting like a weirdo in his personal life. But, in general, even at Marvel Studios, if you heard Morbius was headed to the big screen as a title character, it is really not that weird. 

So, yea, I think some of the characters could work. 

Edited pic from Looper.com

Black Cat and Silver Sable

Black Cat and Silver Sable have already been actively discussed by Sony. It was first pitched as a team up movie called, Black and Silver, but more recent reports seem to imply they are being separated as two individual movies. Black Cat is a long time friend of Peter Parker’s turned cat burglar, following in the footsteps of her legendary jewel thief father. Silver Sable is in charge of a private security firm that is so successful that it drives the national economy of her fictional home country. So a legacy jewel thief and a jet-setting mercenary. Action movies have been made with less to go on than that. 

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven has long considered Spider-Man to be his “white whale,” the last big game that would prove him to be the greatest hunter ever, one that goes without guns and other long range weapons. Of all of Spider-Man’s rogues, Kraven is among the easiest to make a protagonist. His history challenging Spider-Man has been characterized by honor and dignity, so it’s not hard to tell a story of him working on the side of angels without ruining what also makes him a rival of Spider-Man. Plus, his backstory of hunting exponentially bigger and bigger game implies a whole life full of adventures led before he even got involved with Spidey.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man

There has been an insane amount of versions of the Sinister Six, but in my opinion, there is none better than Boomerang’s team of dummies. He brings together a schluby Shocker, egotistical Speed Demon, nanotech getaway driver, Overdrive, and an actually talented version of The Beetle. You counted right. That is only 5. They tried to get the best of Spider-Man while Doc Ock possessed Spidey’s body and went mostly ignored. It would make for a great comedic yet charming take on the Sinister Six. 

The Prowler

Whether they go with Hobie Brown or bring back Donald Glover as Aaron Davis (Glover constantly seems like he has a full plate starring and writing a TV show and making secret music albums), The Prowler is another villain that is easy to turn hero. Because he didn’t last long as a villain in the books. In their first encounter, Spider-Man convinced him to go on the straight and narrow. More of a Batman than Spider-Man armed with his engineering prowess rather than bona fide superpowers, Prowler has the potential to be the best parts of Daredevil (roof jumping martial artist vigilante) and Luke Cage (black man looking for justice in black neighborhoods).


Ultimate Spider-Woman

The Clone Saga is incredibly maligned but some of the clones have made a stamp on the bigger universe. Ben Reilly and Kaine are both active as Scarlet Spider, but as exact clones of Peter Parker, it would be weird to do either of them without Tom Holland. And if Holland is available to play the character, you just might as well do a legit Peter Parker movie. Part of the point is to still have Spider-Man movies while Holland is off doing something else.  That’s what makes Ultimate Spider-Woman work. She is a gender swapped clone of Peter Parker so you basically just hire a female actor to portray Holland’s version of Peter Parker (as she shares all of his memories up to her “birth”).

Of course, none of these are guaranteed. They still need to be made by competent people who give a shit. It’s easy to dismiss them as cash grabs. Cause they kind of are, but most superhero movies are. A lot still turn out alright. My point is if Spider-Man was back at Marvel Studios a few of these are not as out of the realm of possibility that the general opinion would have you think. Panic when they announce a move about Big Wheel