Disney Marathon: ‘Brother Bear’

For those just joining us, this is a movie marathon with a twist. Myself (cranky 40 year old blogger), my son Josh (11 year old Nintendo obsessive) and my daughter Amelia (drama llama 9 year old) are watching Disney movies in a random order and ranking them. We hope to see interesting differences in how we organise our lists.

Film: Brother Bear

Released: 2003

Director: Aaron Blaise, Robert Walker

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Suarez, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Jason Raize, Michael Clarke Duncan

Plot: Alaskan tribesman Kenai, living post-oce age, attacks and kills a bear out of revenge for his brother’s death. As punishment, the spirits transform Kenai into a bear.

Review: Um. That’s kinda the whole story. Kenai (Phoenix) is hardly the most sympathetic or even likeable Disney hero. He’s actually an asshole. Every stage of his journey and obstacle he faces is entirely his own fault because he is an asshole. From the get-go Kenai is a whiney sort, giving off prequel Anakin energy. He attacks a bear, and this pointless action results in Kenai’s brother being killed by the bear. Kenai then goes out for revenge and murders the bear. For this action Kenai is turned…into a bear. It’s so weird that Disney has two movies about someone being turned into a bear to be taught a lesson about family.

Although this is a pretty unique culture and landscape to set the movie in, it’s a generic depiction of ‘natives’. There’s very little in the way of anything distinct about this movie, right down to the mystic old lady and being in touch with nature. When we become an adventure about a couple of bears travelling across Alaska, Brother Bear doesn’t even feel much like a Disney movie. This was a time when Disney were clearly feeling threatened by Dreamworks and this is definitely reflected by the marketing.

One of the more notable aspects of Brother Bear is that Phil Collins manages to deliver an even more boring soundtrack than he did for Tarzan. I can’t remember a single song from either of these movies. Every song break brings the pace of the movie to a grinding halt while Collins warbles over some landscape shots.

There’s very little story to discuss here. Some dickhead gets turned into a bear and they travel around having adventures for a bit. That’s all.

Best Song: No.

Coolest Easter Egg: Phil Collins’ performs his songs in multiple languages including French, Italian, German and Japanese meaning that no one was safe from his insomnia inducing numbers.

Weirdest Trivia: If you look this movie up on Google you may learn that many people have asked if it’s a true story.

Rating: TWO out of TEN



This took a very long time to write because I couldn’t think of anything to say about it one way or another.

Click those titles if you want to see what we said about the other movies.

  1. Zootopia
  2. Robin Hood
  3. Aladdin
  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  5. The Lion King
  6. Wreck-It Ralph
  7. Alice in Wonderland
  8. Beauty and the Beast
  9. Moana
  10. Big Hero 6
  11. Lilo & Stitch
  12. The Great Mouse Detective
  13. The Little Mermaid
  14. Frozen
  15. Peter Pan
  16. Tangled
  17. The Sword in the Stone
  18. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  19. Enchanted
  20. Mulan
  21. 101 Dalmations
  22. Raya and the Last Dragon
  23. Cinderella
  24. Emperor’s New Groove
  25. The Rescuers Down Under
  26. Fantasia
  27. Ralph Breaks the Internet
  28. The Three Caballeros
  29. The Jungle Book
  30. Fun and Fancy Free
  31. Sleeping Beauty
  32. The Princess and the Frog
  33. Hercules
  34. The Rescuers
  35. Oliver & Company
  36. The Aristocats
  37. Saludos Amigos
  38. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  39. The Black Cauldron
  40. Home on the Range
  41. Bolt
  42. Dinosaur
  43. The Fox and the Hound
  44. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  45. Pocahontas
  46. A Goofy Movie
  47. Tarzan
  48. Fantasia 2000
  49. Treasure Planet
  50. Brother Bear
  51. Meet the Robinsons
  52. The Wild
  53. Chicken Little


So Amelia may have hit her limit. She’s elected to put her participation on pause.

  1. Raya and the Last Dragon
  2. Frozen
  3. Moana
  4. Tangled
  5. The Little Mermaid
  6. The Rescuers
  7. The Rescuers Down Under
  8. Peter Pan
  9. Emperor’s New Groove
  10. Zootopia
  11. Lilo & Stitch
  12. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  13. The Great Mouse Detective
  14. Home on the Range
  15. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  16. Mulan
  17. Hercules
  18. Alice in Wonderland
  19. Cinderella
  20. Wreck-It Ralph
  21. Bolt
  22. Pocahontas
  23. The Black Cauldron
  24. Enchanted
  25. Dinosaur
  26. The Aristocats
  27. The Princess and the Frog
  28. Robin Hood
  29. The Jungle Book
  30. Fantasia 2000
  31. The Lion King
  32. Beauty and the Beast
  33. The Three Caballeros
  34. The Fox and the Hound
  35. The Sword in the Stone
  36. Saludos Amigos
  37. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  38. Tarzan
  39. Oliver & Company
  40. Aladdin
  41. Treasure Planet
  42. Big Hero 6
  43. Fun and Fancy Free
  44. Sleeping Beauty
  45. A Goofy Movie
  46. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  47. Meet the Robinsons
  48. Chicken Little
  49. The Wild
  50. Fantasia


I hated it. 😠

  1. Zootopia
  2. Big Hero 6
  3. Raya and the Last Dragon
  4. Aladdin
  5. Emperor’s New Groove
  6. Treasure Planet
  7. Moana
  8. Ralph Breaks the Internet
  9. The Three Caballeros
  10. Saludos Amigos
  11. Wreck-It Ralph
  12. The Rescuers
  13. Frozen
  14. Mulan
  15. The Princess and the Frog
  16. The Lion King
  17. Lilo & Stitch
  18. The Jungle Book
  19. Robin Hood
  20. Bolt
  21. The Sword in the Stone
  22. Beauty and the Beast
  23. Oliver & Company
  24. Peter Pan
  25. The Rescuers Down Under
  26. Sleeping Beauty
  27. Tangled
  28. The Great Mouse Detective
  29. Cinderella
  30. 101 Dalmatios
  31. The Little Mermaid
  32. Meet The Robinsons
  33. Enchanted
  34. The Black Cauldron
  35. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
  36. Home on the Range
  37. Pocahontas
  38. A Goofy Movie
  39. The Aristocats
  40. Fantasia
  41. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  42. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  43. Fun and Fancy Free
  44. The Fox and the Hound
  45. Fantasia 2000
  46. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  47. Brother Bear
  48. Dinosaur
  49. Hercules
  50. Tarzan
  51. Alice in Wonderland
  52. The Wild
  53. Chicken Little