Potential DCEU Big Bads

With the new corporate takeover at Warner Bros. came the announcement that the studio was going to try a new course for its adaptation of DC Comics properties….again. But this time they are upfront that they are copying the Marvel Cinematic Universe model for the DCEU’s future. This sounds good on paper but I have doubts that they have the patience to work this out like Marvel did as people forget their success was far from overnight but I digress. If they are once again going to try a cinematic universe connecting all of their superheroes they need a major villain who is big enough that heroes who are powerful enough on their own have to unite against it.

Darkseid: The most obvious and cliched choice of the bunch is the ruler of Apokolips. Created by the legendary “King of Comics” Jack Kirby as part of his pantheon of New Gods, Darkseid seeks only the power to enslave and rule over all of existence. Not only is he an immensely powerful foe but he also has servants like Kalibak, DeSaad, Granny Goodness, and an army of Parademons to give him a numbers advantage in a battle.

Legion of Doom: It only makes sense that if all the superheroes banded together that their enemies would too. Originating in the Superfriends cartoon series, the concept has been run with in a variety of media with the groups under a variety of names but there is not mistaking who they are. Given that amid the approximately 7,278 superhero movies have comes out in recent we have yet to see a grand battle between a group of heroes and their respective enemies. Imagining a big budget throwdown between Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Batman against the likes of Cheetah, Black Adam, the Joker etc. should make get any fanboy excited.

Anti-Monitor: If you need a big threat, they don’t get much bigger than the Anti-Monitor. During what is arguably the grandest spectacle in the history of DC Comics, this baddie unleashed the “anti-matter wave” which ran through the Multiverse wiping out any earth in its path. Stopping his attempted conquest required superheroes from a number of different worlds and even cost the lives of iconic heroes like the Flash and Supergirl. For a number of years it was thought this was the last we had seen of the cosmic threat but in the acclaimed Sinestro Corp. War he was resurrected as one of the number of powerful villains who had joined the Sinestro Corp. Since then he has made sporadic appearances when the stakes need to be raise to the grandest scale possible in the DC Universe.

White Martians: Over the years a bit of the luster on the Justice League had worn off. Enter comics legend Grant Morrison and superstar artist Howard Porter. They brought the League back to its initial strength of the seven biggest heroes of the DC Universe: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. What was the threat that could possibly bring a pantheon such as this together? The White Martians. Parading as the “Hyperclan” they were eventually found out and to defeat them, each member of the JLA had a moment to shine as they got to display the full potential of their powers and abilities.