Comics Kids Should Be Reading

DARKNITE wants to geekify your kids!

I am constantly hearing how kids do not read anymore; I hear how they watch too much TV and play too many video games. Though these reports are exaggerated, I know kids should be reading because if nothing else reading will spark their imaginations and and entertain them in a way no other medium can. The problem arises when kids see giant books with no visuals and get intimidated by the prospect of making it through the story. The solution to this is simple and it’s a solution we already know about, comic books. With their flashy images and exciting tales kids would not put them down, and thanks to TV, movies, and video games, they’re already familiar with the characters. But with such a wide variety on the racks today and many of them aimed at an older audience, where do you start of you want to get them into this medium? Well, to help you out here are the best comics that you can get for kids.

Owly (Top Shelf): This series of graphic novels from acclaimed artist Andy Runton will intrigue children with the simple yet brilliantly designed characters who live in the forest and adventures of the main character, Owly and his best friend Wormy. Unlike other comics, these stories feature no dialogue, the story is conveyed through action and symbols, but kids will fall in love with these heartfelt and relatable stories  and I defy adults to keep a dry eye while reading them too.

Teen Titans (DC): Because of the New 52 from DC Comics, readers no longer have to be well versed in the decades long mythos of one of the most beloved teams in comics. Featuring characters they already recognize from the various cartoons, children will get excited at the story of former Robin, Tim Drake gathering up the new generation of heroes to create a team to defend themselves. With a team made up of outsiders and no adults to supervise kids will instantly relate to these characters and want to be part of the team.

Avengers Academy (Marvel): Though the content may not lend itself to younger readers teenagers will become addicted to the story about super powered teens with an edge. United by super powers and the belief that without guidance those powers could make them villains, the kids of Avengers Academy must struggle to do the right thing on a regular basis even with the turmoil which comes from being forced together.

Ultimate Spiderman (Marvel): Though the familiar Peter Parker no longer holds the mantle in the Ultimate Marvel U, current Webslinger, Miles Morales is more than up to the task of superheroing. Learning great power and responsibility for the first time is bound to be a treat for new fans.

Blue Beetle (DC): Kids already love this character thanks to the adventures they watch on Batman: Brave and the Bold. He is the DC equivalent of Spidey as a young teenager thrust into the role of a superhero. Kids will be able to relate to they story of a kid thrust into the role of a hero and dealing with cosmic menaces.