Green Arrow TV Series Wishlist

Stephen Amell

When The CW proposed a Green Arrow TV show, I didn’t really take them that seriously. Superhero projects get greenlit all the time and never make it to production. Lo and behold, The CW actually makes some headway and cast Stephen Amell (Hung, The Vampire Diaries) as the title character. Sure, it is probably still WAY too early to be considering the series as a go, especially considering the last DC project to get greenlit (Mercy Reef, a teen Aquaman series) didn’t make it out of the gate at all, but as a more than casual comic reader, I still have my own thoughts on what they’ll need to succeed.

1. Politics: Go For Broke or Not At All

They would have never referred to Ollie Queen as this when he first debuted, but nowadays Ollie would be considered a 1-percenter who suddenly cared about the 99%. He essentially became a bleeding heart liberal who took any and every opportunity to spout off his own political views. They say to be polite you should never talk politics because you never know who you’ll offend. In this current heated political society, it is understandable to think you might alienate half the audience by committing to one side of the political spectrum. Making him middle of the road, though, would be such a character assassination that they might as well cut it out completely. Although, I do think if the show runners are smart enough, they can compartmentalize Ollie’s political beliefs from the show’s message.

2. Speedy’s Heroin Addiction

Speedy's Drug Problem

This was maybe one of the most dramatic moments in all of comics history. Green Arrow’s trusted friend and sidekick, Speedy, is caught using heroin. Speedy’s use could be considered exploitative, but the real piece of drama does not come from the revelation of Speedy using drugs. It comes from how Green Arrow reacts to it. Arrow immediately disowns Speedy and leaves him to fight that demon all by himself. It is a dark side to a superhero who’s temper allows him to betray his own morals and principles reminding us that he is still human.

3. Cast Merlyn Older

Currently, the Green Arrow pilot casting sheet that leaked on-line has Merlyn listed at 28 years old and Ollie at 27 years old. This seems odd to me because if I remember correctly (and wikipedia seems to agree with me) that Merlyn was a trick shooter who inspired Ollie as a child to take up archery in the first place. Later when Ollie takes up the mask, he bumps into his old role model who has turned to a life of crime. It always bothers me when a bunch of baby faced 20-something’s stand in line to play characters with rich histories and long publications as if older people (who are not even really that old in actuality) have no place in it. (Fan Casting Merlyn: Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates)

The Question

4.  Shado’s Birthday Visits

Shado is a Japanese woman who is an expert in archery and has a connections to the Yakuza. After her first appearance in Longbow Hunters arc, it became traditional for her to show up on Ollie’s birthday with some kind of problem that she needs his help with.  The most interesting part about this is that this would force Green Arrow’s tv series to have a real timeline rather than the usual condensed timeline, or at least something a little less condensed that felt like never-ending high school on Smallville.

5. The Question as a Side Character

The Question and Green Arrow have never really been depicted as friends or partners, and whatever crossovers they may have had in the comics was certainly only because they are both masked vigilantes existing in the same continuity. The one common element is they both had character defining runs written by Dennis O’Neal and could be great foils for each other. One of their most famous meetings was their televised argument in The Dark Knight Strikes Again where his anti-government libertarian views clashed with Green Arrow’s liberal views. (Fan Casting The Question: Burn Notice‘s Jeffrey Donovan). This brings to their other famous meeting.

6. The Double Date Episode of Justice League Unlimtied

The Question and Green Arrow bumped heads again in an episode of Bruce Timm’s Justice League Unlimited where Green Arrow (partnered with Black Canary) was trying to stop The Question (partnered with the Huntress) from making a move on protected witness and crime boss, Mandragora. This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the show sheerly for how fun it was. The chemistry was pretty much top notch. I believe it was based on an arc where Arrow and Canary ran into Batman and Catwoman, but the rights to those characters are surely tied up elsewhere, where as The Question and Huntress would be a great fit for television. (Fan Casting Huntress: The Sopranos‘ Jamie-Lynn Sigler).

JLU's Double Date

7.  Supermax Storyline

Before The CW went ahead with greenlighting the Green Arrow tv series, 2 movies were stuck in development hell. One was a generic origin story, which the series is obviously going for, as well as a story that comic screenwriter pro David Goyer had developed about Green Arrow being arrested and thrown into prison with a number of masked and super-powered criminals that he helped put away. If the network has the balls to make Green Arrow a darker, more dramatic show than Smallville, the Supermax storyline would be a perfect later season arc.

The Emerald Archer

8. Deathstroke!

Green Arrow vs Deathstroke

Besides the Teen Titans and maybe Batman, Deathstroke seems to have had the most run-ins with Green Arrow. Between Identity Crisis and his One Year Later story arc, the two have certainly made it personal when it comes to defeating the other. Slade Wilson has already been seen before in Smallville, but that character seemed much more like General Eiling rather than Deathstroke the Terminator. This would be the perfect place to bring in the masked super ninja assassin. (Fan Casting Deathstroke: Avatar‘s Stephen Lang)

9. Count Vertigo: More Lex Luthor, Less Dr. Doom

As the super powered rule of a vague Eastern European country, it is really easy to make Count Vertigo a Dr. Doom type villain. And not the comic Doom, more like the movie Doom. A big hammy villain who runs right at the good guys with all of his super powers, but a show like Green Arrow will need a puppet master. It needs that educated mastermind to pull all the strings. Someone who will not just throw everything he has a Green Arrow, but also attack him at home and at his company as well. (Fan Casting Count Vertigo: Arachnophobia’s Julian Sands)

10. The Boxing Glove Arrow

Just because. C’mon….at least once.