10 Woman I Want to Play Enchantress in Thor 2

There are some pretty strong rumors going around that we can expect to see Amora The Enchantress in Thor 2 along with whatever villain Mads Mikkelson will be playing. So I brainstormed and thought up 10 actresses who I think would be great in the role of The Enchantress.

First, a little bit about The Enchantress….

  • She is a powerful sorceress from Asgard with a penchant for using her sexuality to get what she wants.
  • She has teamed up with Loki to fight against Thor but has also come to the aid of Asgard and she’s considered a “neutral” character.
  • She has also had a romantic relationship with Thor.
  • Her right-hand-man is Skurge the Executioner (perhaps Mads will be playing him?)

10 Actresses I Would Like to See in the Role of The Enchantress

1. Tabrett Bethel played the somewhat cold kick-ass Mord Sith on Legend of the Seeker.  She was tough, sexy, and commanding and I would be so excited to see her become an Asgardian.

2. Viva Bianca is the ultimate female villain. Her role on Spartacus is unparalleled and her character was so similar to The Enchantress, it would be perfect.

3. Sienna Guillory was chosen to play Helen of Troy, one of history’s most seductive woman. And she proved she can kick butt with her role as Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil movies.

4. Eva Green played the sorceress Morgan la Fey in the briefly run show Camelot. And looks just as good blonde as she does brunette.

5. Amber Heard just oozes sex appeal and has the figure of a comic book character already.

6. Alice Eve is the blonde bombshell that has exploded on the scene lately and it would be fitting for a fresh new face to play a fresh new villain.

7. Monica Bellucci  is one of the sexiest women on the planet and has the right sort of commanding presence to her to pull off such a haughty role. Her role in The Brother’s Grimm solidified her capacity to play the HBIC.

8. Diane Kruger is the second lady on this list to play Helen of Troy. Those eyes alone could work magic.

9. Emilia Fox already played a kick-ass sorceress on Merlin and she has a sort of wisdom to her that the a younger actress might lack.

10. Angelina Jolie’s name always comes up when you think of someone to play a sexy, powerful woman, especially a villain.