Kickstarted: Cool and Interesting Projects This Week

Kickstarter has been in the news more and more these last few months, and it’s no surprise. Recently Kickstarter saw a project hit the $1 million mark in less than 9 hours upon being posted.

Although Kickstarter causes all sorts of hell on your wallet, it’s a simple concept that’s supporting a lot of dreamers and thinkers out there, and getting their projects out the door.

Here’s just a few of thousands of projects currently raising funding.


It's shiny.

It’s very shiny. Shiny means good right? Right?

So what was this big project? It’s called OUYA. At the time of this writing, the project has cleared over $4.2 million in pledges.

OUYA is a new video game console that’s running an Android-based operating system, and it’s completely open source. The ultimate goal of the OUYA is to bring more games to consumers and allow developers to take more risks. Again it’s a step in the right direction – getting developers away from a dependence on publishers.

This is something that will get the video game industry to sit up and take notice. And best of all, it’s a real, working product. This is not The Phantom.

The big selling point of OUYA is the fact that it costs $99, and so far, Mojang (of Minecraft fame) has thrown their full support behind it. This is an awesome way to bring indie games and small developers to the spotlight, and onto your big screen.

What should you pledge? A $99 pledge gives you the console, a controller, and a guaranteed username of your choice.


They’ve seen things on your computer that can’t be unseen.

From their project page:

     Jumpshot is a fully automated solution for solving PC frustration. Launch our app and enjoy an elegant interface and secure web surfing
while we work our magic in the background.

     Jumpshot is remarkable in three major ways:

     • A strong focus on user experience. Effortless to use, conversational feedback and a social game based on earning Karma.

     • Much like a surgeon, we sedate your PC before beginning our work. This allows our software to run without interference from viruses.

     • Crowd driven. Jumpshot gets smarter every time someone uses it.

Jumpshot runs from a USB device, and requires nothing to install. It comes right out of the box with the ability to monitor your security, your web usage and settings, check your system hardware and performance, and serve as an anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware.

The project has already been successfully funded and is now racking up further pledges. And it just posted a few days ago.

Also the little Minions are cute as hell.

What should you pledge? A $35 pledge gets you a pre-loaded USB stick of one of their characters, and a few other small goodies.

Race to Adventure!

It’s like a pulp comic. Just without the violence and sex. Still has the jetpacks though.

It’s a board game, set in the world of pulp comics. And yes, that’s a well-dressed gorilla man flying around with a jetpack. Are you sold yet?

Race to Adventure! is a competitive, yet still family-friendly game for 2-5 players, that puts you in the role of an adventurer seeking fame and treasure. You’re racing against other players to collect stamps from around the world, using various items and clues to complete your goal.

Also, if they hit their stretch goals, an expansion is added for free to the main game through Kickstarter. The expansion, Dinocalypse Now, is based on the Dinocalypse novels and takes you through Lost World territory. A few more stretch goals adds another expansion, Hollow Earth, and a PDF expansion that alters the board layout to be more challenging.

What should you pledge? A $40 pledge gets you the game, all unlocked stretch goals, a patch, and digital copies of Dinocalypse Now and Spirit of the Century books and stories.