Top 5 Superhero Games (That Make You Feel Like a Superhero)

We can certainly understand why video game producers are so quick to snap up comic book and superhero properties. They’ve got a dedicated fanbase, they feature larger-than-life characters and the gameplay mechanics are practically written already. What we don’t understand is why so many of these games make the player feel like they’re in another generic actioner. If you took the majority of superhero games available and swapped the title character for a standard issue video game space marine it’ll be the same game. Fuck that. When we play games featuring superheroes we want to feel like superheroes. Better, faster, stronger and downright more awesome than everyone else in the game, not plodding through equal matched enemies like we do in every other game.

Let’s take a look at the five games that did the job right.

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Some superheroes are all about being a giant ball of strength and laser beams, others are about being an unstoppable killing machine. Well, Wolverine is anyway. Putting the movie that inspired it to shame the Wolverine game was something of a bloodbath as the player takes control of the indestructible Canuck as he cuts his way through all manner of enemies. Smashing through walls, throwing people of bridges and sticking heads into helicopter propellers, this was the game for people looking to unleash their inner animal.

4. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

It took game designers a surprisingly long time to get on board with the notion of playing superhero in a sandbox. When you’re matched against nothing but other super-powered characters you’re not going to feel very ‘super’, but when you’re running around a city filled with regular folk you’re going to stand out. Especially when you’re a giant green man in tiny purple shorts. For this adventure the player is given unrestricted movement around the environment…petty barriers such as skyscrapers will bother Hulk, who can leap over them after a vertical run up the side of the building. Heavy traffic is also little trouble as Hulk brushes it aside as he powers down the streets, ripping cars in half to use as boxing gloves and unleashing attacks that will clear several blocks of enemies and buildings.

They have a city. You have a Hulk.

3. Ultimate Spider-Man

There are plenty of free-roaming Spider-Man titles doing the rounds, and everyone will have their favourite. Many people tout the first – Spider-Man 2 – as the best based of the originality but Ultimate Spider-Man manages to edge ahead by not employing a terrible Tony Macquire impersonator voicing a dead-eyed mannequin during the cut scenes (instead supplying awesome motion comics). If you’re going to play as Spider-Man you really don’t want to be stuck in an alley or in a building, but free to swing around the streets of New York. This game delivers, giving you a nice big playground to web-swing around while fighting The Rhino or racing Johnny Storm. You can even take control of Spidey’s enemy Venom to crawl and leap your way around the place. It’s more fun just swinging around the place then it is doing most of the missions.

2. inFamous 2

inFamous was one of the first exclusives for the PS3 that made the console a serious contender in the new generation of gaming machines. Unlike most superhero games that are based on comics and movies the story of Cole McGrath was an original one. When an explosions tears a hole out of Empire City Cole not only walks away unscathed but with new found electricity powers. Players could now zip across power lines, leap great distances and fire blasts of electricity at enemies. The sequel made everything bigger and better, giving players more awesome abilities. Being able to leap and fly further and unleash giant electrical storms, ice and fire attacks and much more, inFamous 2 put us in the shoes of an original character with epic abilities and the choice of using them for good or evil. It also has a great original story with some surprising twists and turns amid all the zapping.

1. Batman: Arkham City

Described by some reviewers as a ‘Batman simulator’ this game dropped players directly into Batman’s heavy boots along with his cape, gadgets, detective skills and awesome kung-fu skills. Whether it’s lurking through the shadows picking off the guards one by one until the last is virtually collapsing in fright or dropping into a room full of thugs and rapidly beating them all unconscious Arkham City offered the full Dark Knight experience. The larger game area allows Batman to glide between the rooftops using his cape and grappling hook and it’s so densely populated with classic Batman villains that you can’t turn around without finding some awesome reference to the comics. More than anything else this is the game to put you into the skin of a superhero.

Plus: Catwoman.