Casting Call: Wonder Woman

Since it’s just been announced that the Justice League movie is slated for a 2015 release, the question of who will play the signature heroes comes up. One of the most intriguing of those is Wonder Woman. After Adrianne Palicki’s failed television show I, like many others, started to think that bringing Wonder Woman back to the screen was a bad idea. But you can’t have the Justice League without Diana Prince. Below you can find my completely unimportant opinion on who should play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League film.

1. Bridget Regan is to me, the perfect choice for Wonder Woman. She has the right look (brown hair, light eyes, a curvy yet toned body) and her role as Kahlan in Legend of the Seeker proved she’s capable of some serious fighting scene. She’s always one of the top fan choices circulating the interwebs.

2. Gina Carano is not only gorgeous and trained as a professional fighter, but I thought she wasn’t all that bad at acting in her debut movie Haywire. If anyone could convincingly kick as much butt as Diana does, it’s Gina.

3. Rosario Dawson doesn’t look like a canon Wonder Woman but I have no doubt that she would own the role. 

4. Erin Cummings has proved how tough she is in both Spartacus and Bitch Slap. She is a gorgeous women who looks like she could wear a crown and still throw down.

5. Lynn Collins is another actress who looks the part and may actually be able to play it too, if you check out her action roles in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and John Carter.

6. Gina Torres is another actress who doesn’t necessarily look the part but would kick so much ass. Seriously, how awesome would it be if she were cast as Diana?

8. Morena Baccarin is another fan favorite and she does have that regal look to her that any Amazonian princess should have.

8. Evangeline Lily is another option. Many fans are calling for this casting and with extensive training, I could see Evangeline working in this role.

9. Katie McGrath plays the (now) evil Morgana on Merlin. She’s a tough looking chick who, with the right training, might be able to become full Amazonia.

10. Mary Elizabeth Winstead seems like she’s just waiting for the right action role to come around and Wonder Woman may be just that.

Honorary Mentions:

Jaime Alexander is an unlikely choice for Wonder Woman since she is already Sif in the Marvel universe, but after watching Thor, you can’t doubt how great she’d be as DC’s main female.

Lucy Lawless and Angelina Jolie both would have been perfect for the role a few years ago.

So readers, you tell me. Who should play the much beloved Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League film?