Coolest Super Hero Costumes

It is not uncommon in the comic book medium for a character to be hold great fan appeal for several decades, and in order for a creator to give fans a hero who is that endearing there are several factors at play. But arguably the most important factor, in a visual medium such as comics, is creating a hero with a striking look. A memorable costume can make or break a hero in the eyes of fans and some heroes have risen above the others and have the coolest costumes in the genre.

Superman: This one is a no brainer seeing as how he inspired in some way or fashion inspired every costume clad do-gooder who followed. The body suit and cape have become the archetype for the way a super hero is supposed to look but nobody else pulls it off like the Last Son of Krypton. The striking blue and red hold up just as well now as they did back in Action Comics #1.


Batman: When Bruce Wayne set out to strike fear into the hearts of the cowardly and superstitious of Gotham, he needed a costume that would strike terror into those who beheld it. And thanks to the design of the sadly overlooked Bill Finger, Batman had the perfect costume to do so.  Originally designed by Bob Kane to be a red suit with an awkward set of wings, Finger went to the actual look of bats for inspiration. A costume that could have been silly has become a pop culture icon, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who did not immediately recognize the silhouette of a figure with pointy ears and a flowing cape. There have been countless variations on it over the past 75 years but the most important elements have remained intact.


Spiderman: Marvel’s angst-ridden poster boy has one of the most recognizable looks in all of fiction. Utilizing the attention grabbing colors of red and blue much like Supes but using them in a truly unique way. Playing into the arachnid theme without using a silly gimmick like extra legs or anything crazy like that, rather the cool sleek lines of webbing. This in addition to his trademark eye lenses solidifies Spidey’s spot as a cool looking hero.


Iron Man: The superhero equivalent of a suped-up sports car if ever there was one. Designed by billionaire playboy Tony Stark, there is nothing this suit can’t do, and what it does do gets done in style. Using a bright red and gold color scheme the suit is nothing short of attention grabbing. Thanks to a memorable upgrade by acclaimed artist Adi Granov a few years ago inspiring the cinematic look of the armor, Iron Man’s suit is just as cool as ever.


Wonder Woman: Being a princess from a powerful warrior society demands a costume that is; regal, awe-inspiring, intimidating, and inspirational all at once. Luckily Wonder Woman has the perfect suit that checks all of those boxes. Serving as a practical suit for a fighter yet maintaining a look of beauty befitting the Amazonian heroine. Accessories such as the iconic Lasso of Truth and bracelets just add to the fantastic design. Whenever someone is foolish enough to alter this work of art (karate suit in the 70’s, leather jacket during JMS’ run) they are quickly fixed and the costume we all love always returns.



Doctor Fate: A criminally underrated character who has a costume that burns itself into your memory instantly. A solid blue trimmed beautifully in gold, with a billowing cape.  Of course the element that draws the most attention to Doctor Fate’s costume is the helmet, which ensured that no matter who wore it commands respect. The costume is the biggest reason behind the mystique which the character holds and hopefully he gains more exposure in the pages of DC Comics.


Zatanna: Walking a fine line between superhero costume and showmanship is the garb worn by the backwards speaking magician, Zatanna. The suit oozes sex appeal without being exploitative, its sharp and striking  and plays to both her entertainer side and her crime fighting side.


Captain America: One look at that suit and you know what he is about. Designed by comic legend Jack Kirby, as the perfect hero to battle Nazis during World War II, the costume worn by  the Star Spangled Avenger is the perfect example of a costume defining the hero. A blend of practical solider uniform and inspirational superhero costume tells the story of Captain America perfectly.



The Flash: If any single costume signaled the beginning of a new and smarter of comics in the 1960’s it was the sleek and fashionable garb worn by Barry Allen upon his debut as the Flash. Abandoning the helmet and sweater worn by his predecessor, the new incarnation of the Flash suit maintained the red and gold color scheme but updated for a new generation of readers who were ready for smarter tales. The suit has held up so well over the past fifty years, that when the New 52 rolled out they only needed to make minimal adjustments to it.


Spawn:   One of the hottest comic book characters of the grim n’ gritty 90’s, Spawn were a costume which perfectly encapsulated that era in comics.  In a time when the coolness of you character was measured by the amount of armor, weaponry, and flair nobody could top Todd McFarlane’s supernatural antihero. With a suit that screamed for attention while maintaining the dark and brooding mystique of the character, it set Spawn apart from the other characters at Image.


Cyborg: Robotic elements in a costume are always a plus and nobody has ever pulled off the look like the fan favorite Teen Titan, Cyborg. Thanks to comics legend, George Perez a look which could have been silly worked and endeared the character to fans the world over. The character maintains a distinctive look which emphasizes the robotic nature while still displaying the hero’s humanity.