Graphic Novel Give-Away at Perth Supanova!

Tonight kicks off the biggest convention the small town of Perth gets, complete with Capt. Jack Harkness, Agent Melina May, Jaws, Davros and more coming to our shores. Also on site? The House of Geekery writers G-Funk and Hedgie. We’ll be taking pics of you wonderful cosplayers and giving you the chance win a bunch of graphic novels from publisher Gestalt!

You want to head home with a prize pack including Tom Taylor’s The Deep? Well, we want to play a game.


We’re kinda creepy that way.

The game we want to play…is BINGO!

We’ve assembled these funky little bingo cards featuring a range of sights common to big geeky conventions. Snap photos of these things when you spot them – cosplayers, tees, merch, posters, etc. – and when you have five in a row you can email the images to us and you’re in the running! HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions you can track us down on the floor or hit up our Facebook page.

Supanova Bingo


Photo Bingo reverse