Disney Dinner and a Movie: Mulan

Mulan is probably my favorite Disney film of all time. It has a strong, multi-dimensional female lead, hilarious and heart-warming characters, and a deliciously cultural-filled plot complete with action scenes and comedy. The movie is insanely quotable and memorable and there’s no way you can forget the relationship between Mulan and Shang or the antics of the wise-cracking talking dragon Mushu. I could fill many blogs with how much I love this movie but instead, I’ll get to the awesome Chinese meal I prepared to go with it.


For an appetizer I made these delicious rainbow spring rolls. It’s very simple; sliced up vegetables including carrots, cabbage, and peppers, to create a rainbow of colors that look as cool as it tastes. The original recipe used typical spring roll wrappers but we decided to add even more color with seaweed wraps. My favorite part of this dish was the spicy peanut dipping sauce. These were a very healthy snack, a bit difficult to wrap, but delicious to eat.


For the main course of my Mulan meal I took inspiration from the scene where Mushu is toasting wontons over a fire and chose to make some homemade wonton soup. At first I thought that this would be difficult and time-consuming, but in reality it was quite easy to do. This soup was so incredibly delicious that we finished almost the entire pot in one night. I fell in love with this soup and will most definitely be making it again.


For dessert I went with a classic dish that was famous in ancient China and especially known to be eaten during the Chinese New Year: sticky date cake. I love dates, they’re not only yummy but a great healthy substitute to plain sugar. You steam or bake the cake and then pour the sugary topping on afterwards. This cake was a hit with my family and the longer it sits out, the more moist and sticky it becomes. This was the perfect dessert for my Mulan meal.


This was one of my favorite Disney Dinner and a Movie blogs to date, both because Mulan is my favorite movie but also because the meal was absolutely delicious and refreshing without being too filling or unhealthy. I especially loved the wonton soup. This is one movie and a meal combination I recommend to anyone.

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