Casting Call: Elsa and Anna (Once Upon a Time)

Once Upon a Time‘s season finale left audiences gasping with shock and excitement when they made it clear that Elsa from Frozen will be making an appearance in Storybrooke. Producers have hinted that they want to bring in some other Frozen characters as well and really, you can’t have Elsa without Anna. Here are my choices for who they should cast as the lovely sisters from Arendelle.

1. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell


This one may seem like an obvious choice but it should. Sure, they don’t necessarily look the part but it doesn’t matter because they ARE the characters. Plus, there’s always wigs.

2. Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner


Game of Thrones fans have been dreamcasting these two as Elsa and Anna for a while now and I think it would work. Natalie is an amazing actress who can pull off ice queen perfectly and Sophie would be wonderful as the sweet and bubbly Anna. Plus, we already know they have great chemistry.  

3. Sarah Gadon and AnnaSophia Robb


These two are my personal picks for the roles. Sarah Gadon’s quiet but intense beauty and underrated talent would make her a match for Elsa while Annasophia’s sweet yet spunky attitude makes her Anna in my eyes.

4. Dakota and Elle Fanning


The most important part of casting Elsa and Anna would be the chemistry and their sisterly bond. A pair of actual sisters could help to capture this. Not to mention Dakota and Elle are both extremely talented actresses. 

5. Dianna Agron and Molly C. Quinn


Both ladies are talented and beautiful and both seasoned TV veterans. Plus, they look the parts perfectly. 

6. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez


Who says the sisters have to be white? I think the show could use a little diversity and these ladies are already quite familiar with the Disney brand. Demi’s already halfway there with her amazing rendition of “Let it Go” and Selena’s perky attitude would work for Anna.