Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Door Kickers’

Warning: this game has crack-level addiction. But in the good way…not like Candy Crush that treats you to bright, shiny colours in response for swiping aimlessly at your phone screen. Instead it draws you back to repeat each level until you nail that perfect score. Each play through will be quick and snappy so it’s very easy for the hours to slip away while you command you’re top-down troops in micro-second bursts.

At this point we should explain the game itself. Created by Romanian trio Killhouse Games, it’s currently in the 10th version of the Alpha. I got on board with the 4th release and still get plenty of play. You are the remote commander of a team of SWAT troopers who specialise in breach and rapid takedowns. In other words they kick down doors and close that situation down quick smart. Each level is a building that is home to a terrorist cell, hostage situation or ticking bomb. With only 2-4 troops you have only seconds to co-ordinate and complete the mission. In order to manage the high-pressure situation you will become best friends with the space bar. This will pause the game, during which you can give or change orders before the action resumes. As a result your 20 second incursion can stretch out over a ten minute period while you pick over your options, respond to new information and find the quickest route to your goal.

Door Kickers 1_0

The training levels seem primarily concerned with luring the player into a false sense of security. You’ll be baby-stepped through the basics of gameplay: sending the characters along a set path, covering blind spots and choosing points of entry. Before long the difficultly ramps up from entertaining to hair-yankingly challenging. Suddenly your carefully laid plans come to a screeching halt because the terrorists have just capped their key hostage, only a second after you’ve booted down the front door. New approaches are also needed, with multiple entry points, tactics and personal available.


When approaching a scenario the player often has a couple of different points to place their team. You can choose the rapid moving point man, shotgun wielding breach expert, stealth expert, protected riot shield crew or the carbine packing all-rounder. In addition to applying the boot to doors and bullets to bad guys there are additional equipment to make use off. Spy cameras can provide a look inside a new room, explosive chargers can add extra force to your entry (and knock out anyone standing close), lock picks provide a silent approach, flash bangs can buy an extra few seconds of reaction time and so forth. Orders and movement can be tagged with checkpoints that become engaged at the click of a button.

As we’ve noted the game is highly addictive. It’s also nicely presented, well designed and a blast to play. Simple controls make the wide options easy to manage. It tickles your brain and reactions. Worth the cash.

door kickers 2