The Pull List: 5/28/2014

A sparse week for must read comics.


C.O.W.L. #1

Chicago Organized Worker’s League. The first ever superhero union. They are about to face their worst enemy yet, an unpunchable foe. Pubic Relations!


Deadpool #29

Deadpool, like Wolverine, has had a weird, foggy memory of his past life. It has been total more than one way in the past. I still consider the few Joe Kelly and Cable and Deadpool flashbacks to be the “right” ones, but now that someone has The Watcher’s eye, Deadpool’s history is getting revealed. I hope its good. 


Doctor Spektor #1

Mark Waid gets a new on-going original work with one of my favorite archetypes, the paranormal investigator. Dr. Spektor is one of those billionaire-playboy-philanthropist types turned spirtualist and monster hunter. It’s Waid (the guy behind the awesome Hawkeye, the last FF, and the current She-Hulk) so it’ll have a lot of humor and charm. Just how I like it.


Flash #31

Continuing after the Annual, Barry, Wally, and Future Flash are on a collision course. Wally’s no longer a red-headed funny guy (more like an olive skinned Jason Todd type), but here’s hoping they develop him instead of having another street-savvy, school-of-hard-knocks sidekick (AGAIN!)