Top 10 Rabbits in Film – Republished

Seen this article before? Then you have. I’m republishing it because #1 is still right on the money and there’s nothing much else to say about Easter in geek circles. Can we get some more Easter themed horror movies or something?

Easter isn’t an easy time of year for the pop culture blogger. What the hell do you even write about? Christmas is a veritable flood of movies and TV to discuss and compile lists on, likewise Valentine’s Day, New Year, Hallowe’en…but Easter? It’s not exactly a holiday that gets much attention in the geeky field. So we’re going to focus our lens on a very small aspect of the holiday: the Easter Bunny. Here’s the ten most memorable rabbits in cinema.

#10 – Frank

frank donnie darko

Slipping in at the bottom of this list is Frank. A popular character yes, but it is revealed that he is not technically a rabbit but a dead man wearing a rabbit suit. Even then the list would be lacking without his inclusion. He’s one of the most striking and iconic figures in the modern era of cinema. Few members of the audience weren’t stunned by this twisted visage and left scratching their head as to the meaning of it all.

#9 – The Were-Rabbit


Actually, the were-rabbit’s minions. In Wallace and Gromit‘s first and to date only feature length movie Wallace finds himself infected with a curse that turns him into a giant rabbit at night. The best part of the movie comes in the form of the adorable little rabbits that the duo round up as part of their pest control business. Cheeky and silly, they brighten up the film.

#8 –  E. Aster Bunnymund

easter bunny

This unusual take on the Easter Bunny comes with an Australian accent, an arsenal of boomerangs and walking eggs. As one of the Guardians he shares the job of protecting the dreams and hopes of the children of the world. This he accomplishes with his boomerangs, explosive bombs and remarkable speed, which he couples with a cool, dry attitude.

#7 – Thumper


You know why he’s on the list. He’s an adorable little rascal who is a became an integral part of many a childhood. If you don’t know who he is then get a refund on your youth.

#6 – Harvey


The movie Harvey is not actually about Harvey…a six and half foot tall rabbit and invisible friend to Elwood P. Dowl (James Stewart). Dowl happily introduces people to his pal Harvey and they are left wondering whether Harvey is the result of Dowl’s drinking or a serious mental condition. Harvey is a fun-loving and mischievous character who has a fondness for social outcasts like Dowl.

#5 – Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit

Now, I know that some people were hoping to see the missus on this list, but Jessica isn’t a rabbit and only has the name through marriage. The bunny of the couple is Roger, and he’s every bit the zany cartoon mischief maker. Although he exists in the real world he can bend physics and endure any punishment (aside from Dip), leading to plenty of comedy and frustration for the people around him. So how exactly did he end up married to one of the world’s most recognisable bombshells?

#4 – Bigwig


If Thumper made your childhood a little bit brighter then Watership Down smothered your childhood with a pillow, dismembered the body, wrapped it in separate black plastic bags and buried it in a shallow grave on the moor. Considered a literary and animation classic the brutal depictions of the violence faced by native rabbit populations is pretty brutal. Out of the cast Bigwig remains the most memorable not only for his distinctive fur but his rough and tumble approach to his problems.

#3 – The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit

Most of the characters from Lewis Carroll’s increasingly popular children’s stories are memorable and over the years we’ve seen dozens of different takes on them. Ranging from colourful animated critters through to demented depictions of mental breakdown. Across the different versions they always have a waistcoat and a pocket watch and are worried about being late, while also leading Alice down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland for the first time. Personally I go for the fucked up rodent from the 1988 film Alice.

#2 – Rabbit of  Caerbannog

monty python rabbit

During the hunt for the Holy Grail King Arthur and his knights face many challenges, but few are as terrifying as the Rabbit of Caerbannog with it’s big, sharp, pointy teeth. At first the knights are dismissive of the seemingly harmless foe and sent the cocky Sir Balls to deal with it. They should’ve listened to Tim…

Still one of the funniest things ever.

#1 – Bugs Bunny

bugs bunny

Because Bugs Bunny is a fucking pimp. That’s why.