The Pull List: 5/6/2015

Must read comics of the week


Afterlife with Archie #8

Delays not withstanding, I really like this book. A new arc starts here that reveals a dark history of Riverdale before the zombie outbreak, a pact made between the adults of Riverdale and the witches of Greendale.


Feathers #5

Out feathered friend makes it to the center of town where he sees a giant statue of a feathered couple. Things are about to get interesting for Poe, but the “mice” are still in danger back in the city.


Hulk #16

Hulk has been trying to cure gamma creatures, and now there is only one other left: She-Hulk. His own cousin. A Hulk who has had their head on straight from the beginning.


Inhuman Annual #1

The Inhumans have become one of the most exciting parts of the Marvel comic universe, so this has become required reading. A giant sized issue where a number of plot threads come to a passing.


Nailbiter #12

The media are coming to town to shed light on the bad news of Buckaroo.


Secret Wars #1

A new secret war from Marvel comics. After an incursion causes 2 versions of Earth to collide, a number of characters from all different times and realities end up on a whole new world, fighting each other, trekking dangerous territory.


Thief of Thieves #28

Time to find out what Cohen has been up to since being dismissed by the FBI.