20 More of the Most Useless Websites Ever

Another list of Useless Webpages by APPA THE GYPSY

It occurred to me recently that it has actually been several years since I first gave you all the 20 Most Useless Websites Ever, and it’s occupied a top spot in our most viewed pages list on the House of Geekery for the majority of that time. This, to me, is an indicator that you’re all asking for more, so I decided to pull together 20 More of the Most Useless Websites Ever…

Since the first post, I’ve kept up a list of all the useless websites I’ve come across for this exact purpose, but several of these actually came to my attention from the comments on the original post. So if you’d like to share any more useless pages you find, do let us know in the comments. They’re all absolutely fascinating…

Here we go!


  1. Toggle Toggle


I love this one. It’s so odd. But apparently it’s a fund raising tactic to help someone to pay their electricity bill… Sounds like a great cause. It’s pretty simple. You can toggle the switch on or off, as you see fit. There’s something super satisfying about it. Give it a go.


  1. Instant Inception Button


Far from useless, I think this button could make any conversation more dramatic and interesting, if you were to press it during any pauses. It would achieve exactly the same effect as was intended in Inception, I’m sure.


Good to know...

Good to know…

  1. Crouton


Simple, elegant, to the point… whatever the point is meant to be. Not a lot going on here, but I’m sure there’s a very good reason for this website’s existence… Perhaps a true love of croutons? Perhaps someone tried to google how to spell crouton and made a website instead? Regardless, to the rest of the world, I can help but think that this website is very, very useless.


  1. Nooooooooo Button


Sometimes you get terrible news. Sometimes you don’t know how to react. Luckily, this recording of Darth Vader shouting “Noooooooo” can react for you, with one click of a button.


  1. Corgi Orgy


The rhyme is great and all, but I do think the name of this one is a little unfortunate… However, do not fear clicking the link. I solemnly swear that the page only contains numerous cartoon corgis dancing to music. Concern over the content aside, beyond being momentarily entertaining, this one most definitely falls into the category of useless.


  1. Heeeeeeeeey!


Yeah, can’t say there’s a lot going on here on a philosophical level, but for a concept so basic, there’s actually plenty happening here. Well, I say that, but what I mean is that my shoddy Australian internet connection had trouble switching between Heeeeeeey! and Hoooooo! Say what you like, though, I think this page could be put to use when you can’t find the energy to cheer at a sports game for yourself…


  1. Bury Me With My Money


Yeah, um, I don’t quite know how to explain this one… And it’s kind of creepy if you listen to it too long. I personally feel that this page could be vastly improved by the actual ability to bury these little cartoon characters IN money, at the very least. But, I tell you what, it ticks the useless website box juuuust nicely.


  1. Bees Bees Bees


Ever felt that an episode of Oprah would be greatly augmented by the presence of bees? Well, look no further, because here it is. Suddenly Oprah’s charitable spirit becomes veeeerry questionable… Personally, I just wish there was sound… Everyone looks so very terrified, except Oprah, who, in this context, looks kind of maniacal.


  1. Koalas to the Max


images catI don’t want to spoil this one, so all I’ll say is this: set some time aside and watch as hovering your cursor over the dots on the screen begins to reveal the cutest of Australian animals…


  1. Falling Falling


It just feels like you’ll keep falling forever…


  1. Knives in Hands


Even the most chipper stock photo can become sinister when you put knives in everyone’s hands…


  1. Christmas Tree Light Up


THIS GAME! This game either got me through my final year of high school or stole valuable marks from me, because I played it so much instead of studying! Addictive and challenging, keep trying to beat your high scores by lighting up the Christmas tree. It’s a nasty gaming habit I thought I had kicked, until I decided to include it in this post…


  1. Staggering Beauty


This site requires an epilepsy warning, and is probably best avoided by people with chronic wrist injuries like myself… But I promise you, it is the definition of useless, and yet is somehow captivating. Move your mouse at a high speed to get a sense of what I’m talking about.


  1. Passive Aggressive Password Machine


This baby is great for testing out a new password before you use it for online banking… Or not. No matter how complex you make your intended password, this website will remain thoroughly unimpressed, and will tell you so in detail with true creativity…


  1. Blue Ball Machine


You could just watch this machine at work for hours and still not quite see everything there is to see. This website showcases blue dots moving through an intricate factory machine, and it is most captivating to watch. But, of course, completely useless to watch.


  1. Cookie Clicker


Click the cookie to get baking and build yourself a cooking manufacturing empire! Does this game have an end? Someone please play it for as long as possible and tell me… I have heard speak of a cheat to keep the game going as when you can’t be around to click the cookie, but I don’t know it myself, so I can’t help you there…


  1. Taghua!


This is just beautiful to watch… Click the reset button to watch a gorgeous tree grow and flower in different arrangements again and again. Or, if you’d rather not spend hours watching trees grow, um, don’t click the reset button…




Drag and drop to make these kitties bounce across your screen, and allow yourself to time-waste as you’re mesmerised. Sometimes you can even make them bounce so violently that they disappear off the screen for a moment!



  1. The Useless Web


Oh, goodness. The Useless Web. Far from useless, this page led me to all the most useless corners of the internet. If you’re ever looking to kill some time, I promise, repeated clicking of that button will fill hours. Each click takes you to a different useless website, and as yet, I haven’t been able to discover if there’s a limit…


  1. The Most Useless Site Ever


Ok, so this one I’ve left til last, because the name says it is the most useless site ever. But I don’t know… Something about it just seems like it might be useful… if not to me or you, then definitely to the advertisers on it… But if you ignore the ads, the links just take round and round in circles. Possible I don’t like it because it doesn’t have that quirk of crouton.net or the fascination of toggletoggle.com, but it doesn’t do a job, so that’s why it’s on the list!


Honourary Mention – Make Everything Ok


Yes, yes. This was in the first list of useless websites, but it’s just one of the simplest, best things the internet has to offer, so I wanted to share it again. There’s something quite therapeutic about this website. You click the button, and after a short waiting period, everything is ok. It’s great for our inner neurosis.


So that’s it for this list of 20 More of the Most Useless Websites Ever. If you’ve got any more to suggest, let us know in the comments. You can have a look at the original post here if you missed it, or, if videos are more your style, check out 20 of the Most Inexplicable Viral Youtube Videos, and get your daily dose of whyyyyyy, internet, whyyyyyyy?