Disney Dinner and a Movie: ‘Peter Pan’


Peter Pan is one of Disney’s classics; based on a much-loved novel this is a story that has been told time and again. It’s a wonderful story of three siblings who escape to Neverland with the boy who refused to grow up. Some of Disney’s most famous characters came from this film: including Peter Pan himself, his mischievous fairy sidekick Tinkerbell and of course the dastardly Captain Hook. This is a fun, whimsical tale and I hope you enjoy the meal I created to go with it.



For our first dish, I was inspired by Tinkerbell and decided to make something that is foreign to me but apparently very popular in the land down under: Fairy Bread. It’s basically just bread with butter and sprinkles. The name, colors, and sugary taste are all reminiscent of Peter’s feisty sidekick Tink. I didn’t particularly like this myself but I suppose if I was a child I would and if it had nostalgia factor for me than I can see why this might be so popular in Australia. It was quick and easy and added plenty of color to the table!



For our main course I took inspiration from Captain Hook and his pirate pals and made “Pirate” stew. I took used this recipe for ideas including adding brown sugar and rum for a Caribbean flavor. In the end I used whatever faux meat and veggies I had in the house, along with the other rich flavors, and eventually came out with this yummy sweet stew. It was a perfect dish for September since stew is warm and hearty yet the Caribbean flavors are still reminiscent of summer.



For dessert I had to make something named after the titular character himself: Peter Pan. These are Peter Pan cookies, a famous recipe that started with Peter Pan peanut butter. It doesn’t matter what brand you use, these peanut butter cookies are delicious and easy. I went along with the typical criss-cross pattern of the cookies and added a sprinkle of pixie dust for good measure.


This was a fun and sweet edition of the column and while I didn’t love the fairy bread, I will definitely be making the stew and peter pan cookies again.

Coming Soon: Disney Dinner and a Movie: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad