The Pull List: 10/7/2015

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Amazing Spider-Man #1

Finally! Marvel is back! Check out one of their flagship characters’ return from that crappy Battleworld.


Batman and Robin Eternal #1

This new weekly series about the Bat-family will focus on the legacy and mythology of the Robin mantle, a mantle that I am a big fan of and have been looking forward to something big to happen with it lately.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange #1

It should come as no surprise that Doc Strange is making his way back to a his own title what with the big Hollywood movie coming along.


Invincible Iron Man #1

Iron Man is back too. I stopped reading his title after the whole Axis moral flip spell.


Jughead #1

The Archie reboot is surprisingly cool, very much keeping in the same spirit of the old book. And now Jughead is getting his own spinoff.


Nailbiter #16

Special Halloween issue of my new favorite horror title? Yes please!


Paper Girls #1

On one hand, when I read Brian K. Vaughn has another title in the works, I think get back to work on Saga goddammit. But it is still a brand new Vaughn book. This one sounds pretty good. 4 paper delivery girls uncover a great secret being billed as Stand By Me meets War of the Worlds.


Survivor’s Club #1

You ever read a premise and been like “Dammit, that was my idea.” Yea, this is what is happening here. This story revolves around the sole survivors of ’80s horror movie plotlines getting together and helping each other through the trauma. Then a pesky cult gets involved.

Ninja Turtle

Ninja Turtles #50

The conclusion to the fight for New York.