The Pull List: 4/20/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


All-New Hawkeye #6

Hawkeye will simply be getting a shout as often as I can. Lemire traded flashbacks between Clint and Kate, and now we are getting some insight to Kate’s relationship with her father. After their stunt in the previous issue, I’m sure they’ll be some pressure.


Dept. H #1

Dept. H (written to look like Depth) is not the Canadian agency that put together Alpha Flight. No, this follows an investigator looking into a murder mystery on a deep-sea research station and comes from the mind that brought us MIND MGMT.


East of West #25

The conclusion to Year Two, with the biggest leap toward the apocalypse yet.


The Fourth Planet #1

A new series from a publisher that is not one of the more prominent in the industry. It follows a group of shiwrecked Earthlings who crash land on an alien planet at war, where the most technologically advanced society has just started using gunpowder weapons.


Huck #6

Mark Millar’s miniseries concludes, which is pretty sad. I have really liked it, and I think Millar has only scratched the surface of this concept, his first that lacks cynicism.


Invincible #127

I keep dropping and picking this book up. Not for any reason. It just sometimes I fall behind. A new jumping on point here with Mark returning from the past to a future that is not the way he left it.


Lucifer #5

Lucifer and Gabriel both think they figured out who killed God, but they both have different suspects. I’m sure they’ll come to a reasonable agreement.


Uncanny Inhumans #7

New York cop turned NuHuman, Frank McGee aka Nur, makes his first post-Inhumanity appearance.