The Pull List: 9/28/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Captain America Sam Wilson #13

The on-going conversation about mantle-passing, race-changing casting decisions, and general representation in comics can be quite depressing, but I love that Spencer has used it to fuel this title. It really is what gives the series purpose, something to build off of. 

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Annual #1

Clea returns at a really bad time. I wonder what she thinks about magic being almost disappearing?


Frostbite #1

During Earth’s second ice age, at a time where humans have acclimated to their new frozen environment, a new disease, nicknamed frostbite, threatens to freeze everyone from the inside out. 


Saga #38

Cuz I said so! Cuz it continues to be the best book out there! Nuff Said!


Titans #3

Bumblebee rejoins the Titans. It’ll be nice to see the army size of the Titans returned to their former glory. 


Thief of Thieves #35

This new arc seems like a shot in the arm that this series needed. Conrad is challenged by some wealthy Russians to compete against some of the best thieves in the world. Like Cannonball Run meets Ocean’s 11.