Casting Call: Egyptian Mythology

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a whitewashing problem. I didn’t bother to see Gods of Egypt (2016) so I can’t speak to its plot, but the film’s casting alone is cringe-worthy. Egyptian mythology is a fascinating subject full of rich history and fantastic stories. I think a mini-series on the some of the most famous tales would be a great watch. Below is who I would cast as the eight most pivotal roles in Egyptian mythology.


Alexander Siddig as Ra, God of the Sun and Radiance

Ra was the Head Honcho of the Egyptian Gods: he was King of the Gods, the patron of the pharaoh and the creator of everything. People built solar temples in his honor and he was often represented by sunlight itself. He was kind of a big deal.

Alexander Siddig was born in Sudan and is known for his roles in Peaky Blinders, 24, Game of Thrones, and Da Vinci’s Demons.


Morjana Alaoui as Isis, Goddess of Health, Marriage and Love

Isis has many other names and the Goddess of many different things over time. She’s known as the Queen of the Egyptian Goddesses and is basically the Egyptian HBIC. Most importantly, Isis was the patron of childbirth and motherhood. She was often depicted wearing an intricate headdress and had her own pair of wings.

Morjana Alaoui is of Moroccan descent and has starred in films such as Martyrs and Rock the Casbah.


Oded Fehr as Osiris, God of the Afterlife and Resurrection

Considered to be the king of the Underworld, Osiris was the Prom King of the Egyptian Gods. As the most prominent and popular Egyptian deity, Osiris presided over the judgement of souls. Interestingly, he was also the God of Agriculture and represented the Egyptian belief in rebirth.

Oded Fehr is best known for his roles in The Mummy and the Resident Evil series. He was born in Israel.


Nick Tarabay as Horus, God of the Sky

Also known as Heru, Hor, or Har, Horus was a falcon or man with a falcon head. He was also the protector and patron of the pharaoh. He was also the patron of young men and his protective amulet “The Eye of Horus” represented the six senses.

Nick Tarabay is a Lebanese-American actor who played bad boy Ashur in Spartacus.


Lupita Nyong’o as Ma’at, Goddess of Truth, Balance and Order

Ma’at existed as a way to preserve the natural order of things. She had the super awesome job of judging souls by putting people’s hearts on a scale and weighing them against a feather. Probably the most fashionable of the Gods, Ma’at was often shown wearing a crown with a single ostrich feather and sometimes with wings.

Lupita Nyong’o is an Oscar-winning starlet who was raised in Kenya and wowed the world with her performance in 12 Years a Slave.


Ghassan Massoud as Anubis, Protector of the Dead

Anubis is one of the most famous and most ancient Egyptian Gods. He was also the patron of lost souls and funeral rites. He has been portrayed in various forms of human, jackal, and sometimes a little of both.

Ghassan Massoud is a Syrian actor and filmmaker who showed up in another white-washed film, Exodus: Gods and Kings.


Liya Kebede as Bastet, Goddess of Protection and Music

Bastet was symbolized by a cat and sometimes shown with the head of a lioness. She is a daughter of Ra and often seen as gentle and protective but occasionally destructive. She had different titles, including “The Lady of the East” as well as “The Female Devourer” to represent both of these sides. Talk about multi-faceted.

Liya Kebede is an Ethiopian supermodel who successfully made her way into acting with roles in Innocence and The Best Offer.


Amr Waked as Thoth, God of the Moon

Also known as Djehuti, Thoth is often shown as a man with a baboon or ibis head. He is credited with inventing not only writing, medicine, and magic but also civilization itself. Pretty badass resume if you ask me.

Amr Waked is an actor from the show Marco Polo and the films Lucy and Syrianna. He was born in Egypt.


So what do you think of my choices? Who would you like to see show up in a film or series about Egyptian mythology?