Supanova Perth 2018 Cosplayers! (Saturday Gallery 1)

Hi people of Perth (and everyone else)! Our lonely city just had our big convention for the year and the local geeks brought their A-game! We’ve got dozen of awesome photos from Supanova this past weekend and we hope you enjoy them us much as we did!

If you want to correct a label, add a link to your cosplay site or want a non-watermarked copy of you pictures we can be reached at Can’t see your photo? Check back soon, we have more to come.

As ever a huge thank you to our photographer Jules who makes these galleries happen.

Supanova18 Sat 1

Loki…as a Pokemon collector? A Lokimon?

Supanova18 Sat 2

This Aloha edition of Exeggutor is amazing!

See more of this cosplayer here:

Supanova18 Sat 3


Supanova18 Sat 4

Ok, Jules told me what this is but I forgot…help?

Supanova18 Sat 5

One dignified Spyro

Supanova18 Sat 6

Pink Diamond

Supanova18 Sat 7

Optimus Prime

Supanova18 Sat 8

Joker and Harley, comic’s most famous couple!

Supanova18 Sat 9

Agents Mulder and Scully

Supanova18 Sat 10

Dr. Strange

Supanova18 Sat 11

The unstoppable team-up of Astrid and a Gryffindor!

Supanova18 Sat 12

Raven and Robin

Supanova18 Sat 13


Supanova18 Sat 14

Scarlet Witch

Supanova18 Sat 15

Between House of Geekery and Aquaman this planet is protected.