Supanova Perth 2018 Cosplayers! (Sunday Gallery 2)

We’ve only got this one last gallery of our local cosplayers to share with you. Our only regret is that we didn’t have time to get everyone! Maybe next time…

If you want to correct a label, add a link to your cosplay site or want a non-watermarked copy of you pictures we can be reached at Can’t see your photo? Check back soon, we have more to come.

As ever a huge thank you to our photographer Jules who makes these galleries happen. Make sure to check out previous Sunday gallery our two Saturday Galleries.

Supanova18 Sun 14

Kicking thing off is this brilliant Ultra-Marine

Supanova18 Sun 13

Tifa Lockhart recruits an ally to deal with a romantic rival.

Supanova18 Sun 12

World of Warcraft comes to Supanova

Supanova18 Sun 11

This super imaginative Totoro and Catbus is brilliant!

Supanova18 Sun 10

Harley Quinn, Red Hood and Batman, seemingly unaware of the danger

Supanova18 Sun 9

Captain Marvel returns, possibly the most accurate cosplay we saw!

Supanova18 Sun 8

I’m going to guess…World of Warcraft? (My nerd cred is diminishing)

Supanova18 Sun 7

1970’s Batman

Supanova18 Sun 6

The Punisher and Black Canary

Supanova18 Sun 5

Red Son Batman

Supanova18 Sun 4

Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn

Supanova18 Sun 3

Pika Pika!

Supanova18 Sun 2

Nurse Joy

Supanova18 Sun 1

John Wick’s dog, out for revenge, with a friend

And that’s all for the cosplayers! We’re not done with Supanova yet, though…