Supanova Perth 2018 Cosplayers!(Sunday Gallery 1)

I hope you did think we’d forgotten about the Sunday crew? Here’s the first of two galleries capturing a slice of the excellence on display at Perth Supanova.

If you want to correct a label, add a link to your cosplay site or want a non-watermarked copy of you pictures we can be reached at Can’t see your photo? Check back soon, we have more to come.

As ever a huge thank you to our photographer Jules who makes these galleries happen. Make sure to check out our two Saturday Galleries

Supanova18 Sun 28

This impressive viking chap!

Supanova18 Sun 27

Carol Danvers, Captain and Ms edition

Supanova18 Sun 26

The original and best Silk Spectre

Supanova18 Sun 25

Jessica and Roger, the ultimate celebrity couple

Supanova18 Sun 24

An awesome RPG character whose name I forgot. Sorry.

Supanova18 Sun 23

Some pious Handmaidens, travelling together as they should be.

Supanova18 Sun 22

Kraven the Hunter and Scarecrow giving no consideration to continuity.

Supanova18 Sun 21

Teen Titans Starfire and Raven!

Supanova18 Sun 20

Psy bringing the party to Supanova

Supanova18 Sun 19

Harley and the Joker, the ultimate power couple.

Supanova18 Sun 18

A crazy accurate Barf, Lone Starr and Princess Vespa

Supanova18 Sun 17

Doctor Strange

Supanova18 Sun 16

The Joker, Bride of Chucky and Captain Jack Sparrow

Supanova18 Sun 15

Last and definitely not least, this brilliant Honey Lemon!

Gallery 2 coming soon!